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Open Source projects, categorized.

About FOSSfind

I built FOSSfind.com to help me find and choose open-source projects to use in my own apps. I hope you'll find the site useful too!

Some background: I'm a technical product manager who writes code in my spare time. I spent the last few months coming up to speed on a number of Open Source technologies, and I often found myself spending more time choosing the right project (or backtracking after choosing the wrong one) than I was spending on integrating the chosen technology into my apps! Also, with the fast and accelerating pace of change in Open Source software, even if you take time to do a lot of research, the best answer can change every few months as projecs evolve or fizzle.

At first I was thinking about building a full-featured community site, like a "Yelp for Open Source" offering reviews and categorizing which projects were most reputable in a particular problem space.

But then I found that someone had already created this site: ohloh.net. Ohloh is a really great site-- it has reviews on open source projects, info like license type and most important links for that technology, and it's categorized using tags like content_management or database_server.

Ohloh is really good once you know the name(s) of the project(s) you want to investigate. But it's less good at the initial discovery phase. If you don't even know the category name or project names, Ohloh is (in my opinion) too complicated.

So I wrote a simple search-engine-like mashup which uses Ohloh's tags and project metadata to provide a clickable (using a tag cloud) and typeable (using an auto-suggest search box) way to quickly find categories and to find basic info about each project in that category.

This is intentionally a thin front end and is not intended as a replacement for Ohloh or any other open-source directory. For deeper info about each project, follow the links to the project's home page or to Ohloh.

Comments? Questions? Bug Reports?

Definitely feel free to send feedback to info(at)FOSSfind.com.

Justin Grant