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FOSSfind Backlog

What's a backlog?

The list below is work items planned for fossfind.com. Some of these are user-facing features, others are infrastructure or engineering work items. They're arranged in priority order.

  1. Revamp home page to support two workflows: #1: find by tag; #2: find projects like this one
  2. Rationalize which actions replace vs. add tags (e.g. typing in search box)
  3. Autocomplete for 2+ tags typed into the search box (requires switching to different jquery autocomplete plugin)
  4. Extend autocomplete search box to support pressing Enter to submit search
  5. Paging of results
  6. Custom Errors
  7. Autocomplete for project names
  8. Rationalize UI for tag cloud vs. search box -- currrently confusing
  9. Switch to use GIT for version control
  10. Reconfigure hosting configuration to avoid redirection hacks and improve SEO
  11. Automate data retrieval
  12. "Monitoring page" which runs a small subset of cheap unit tests (and can be hooked into external monitoring service)
  13. Flesh out unit tests
  14. Instrument clickthroughs for external links
  15. Automate builds & publishing (including FTP upload)
  16. XML sitemaps for Search engines
  17. OpenSearch provider for use in browser toolbar search
  18. CSS and HTML cleanup - avoid "divitis"

Recently completed backlog items

Here's what's new:

  1. Refactor out generic Library code into separate project
  2. Refactor Models into separate project
  3. Move from file-backed to MySQL storage (after tuning, got 2x+ perf improvement)

Comments? Questions? Bug Reports?

Definitely feel free to send feedback to info(at)FOSSfind.com.

Justin Grant