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Open Source projects, categorized.


What is FOSSfind?

This site is a simple, search-engine-like mashup on top of ohloh.net designed to make it easier to find the leading open source projects in a particular technical category (e.g. Javascript frameworks, E-Commerce, Databases). Once you find the category and top projects, you can click through to Ohloh or the project's home page to learn more.

Why did you build it?

Figuring out which Open Source projects to rely on can be really hard-- in most areas there are many options and the "best" options are frequently changing. For more details, read the About page.

How are tags sized?

The tag cloud sizing is based on the number of projects matching each tag.

Why do some projects show up ahead of others?

Projects listed in each category are ordered by number reported by Ohloh for how many of that site's users are using that Open Source project. Note that for smaller projects the sample size is very small, so be careful about weighing project ordering if there's only a few votes.

My favorite project is missing. Help!

Go to ohloh.net and add the project there.

A project is not tagged correctly, has wrong description, etc. Help!

Go to ohloh.net-- you can fix data problems there really easily.

What technology is FOSSfind.com built on?

Here's the FOSSfind.com technology stack, starting from the front end and working backwards:
I also make heavy use of a few really cool plugins and samples. Many thanks to the contributors! Of course, this site's data comes from Ohloh.net. I can't say enough good things about their site-- aside from some minor usability and discoverability issues (the reasons why I wrote *this* site) Ohloh is an incredible resource for open-source newbies and experts alike.

Isn't it hypocritical (or at least weird) to build an open-source-focused site on ASP.NET?

Yep, but practical considerations won out for now. I originally wanted to build this site in Ruby on Rails (and I still may port the web front end to Ruby at some point, and may even do a Groovy port if I'm feeling adventurous). But I opted to use ASP.NET MVC (initially at least) for several reasons:

Comments? Questions? Bug Reports?

Definitely feel free to send feedback to info(at)FOSSfind.com.

Justin Grant