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Boo Programming Language
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A wrist-friendly language targeting the Common Language Runtime (.NET / Mono) with an extensible compiler pipeline, a syntax reminiscent of Python, and many other features (like type inference, syntactic macros, etc.)
CSharpTest.Net Library
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Tags: unittest c# explorer nunit logging software-development ncover unittesting .net
CSharpTest.Net is collection of utilities and tools used for the development of larger software projects. It has (or will have) a wide array of small discrete projects and some stand-alone source files for use.

Generally developed with the intent to meet the following goals:
* Provide an open source code library for basic needs not met by the core .Net Framework infrastructure.
* Demonstrate a real-world example of keeping code simple by design.

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NConstruct is a rapid enterprise application development tool and environment for .NET Framework. Its goal is to reduce the time used for the development of most commonly used enterprise applications, which consist of data handling and presentation capabilities.

NConstruct reads meta-data information from different databases (MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access) and produces NHibernate XML mapping files, C# source code for both server and client tiers.

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Ximura is a extensible information management system designed using C# 3.0.

Ximura is intended to shorten the development time for building large complex system, by providing a development framework built around a reusable component architecture.

Ximura is CLS compliant and works under the MONO framework for use on Linux based machines, as well as a standard Window's based environment.

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Ubiety is an XMPP library written in C# to be extensible and easy to use.