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OpenJUMP is an open source GIS software written in Java. It is based on JUMP GIS by Vivid Solutions.
It is a Vector GIS that can read rasters as well. It is not just another free demo viewer, but you can edit, save, analyze etc. with OpenJUMP. It works, even with medium size datasets, and with professional touc. It provides a GIS API with a flexible plugin structure, so that new features are relatively easy to develope around the sound mapping platform. It utilises standards like G...
Open Delphos
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Tags: analysis desktop python decision-support environment
Open Delphos is being developed by Ecotrust in partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Comunidad y Biodiversidad (COBI). It will provide a complete solution for performing multi-criteria analysis (MCA) by stepping the user through the entire process. This includes:

* Pre-analsysis: (defining timelines, defining a region, identifying experts, consulting experts, reviewing recommendations.
* Performing MCA (designing a database, defining criteria, inputting data,...

Lokad Forecasting SDK
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Free Software Development Kit (SDK) for the .NET Developers. It is implemented on top of the Forecasting API v2 and makes leveraging Lokad forecasting technology a breeze.