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OpenJUMP is an open source GIS software written in Java. It is based on JUMP GIS by Vivid Solutions.
It is a Vector GIS that can read rasters as well. It is not just another free demo viewer, but you can edit, save, analyze etc. with OpenJUMP. It works, even with medium size datasets, and with professional touc. It provides a GIS API with a flexible plugin structure, so that new features are relatively easy to develope around the sound mapping platform. It utilises standards like G...
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TouchGraph is a set of interfaces for graph visualization using spring-layout and focus+context techniques. Current applications include a utility for organizing links, a visual Wiki Browser, and a Google Graph Browser which uses the Google API.
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Tags: maritime spatial maps gis mapping visualization analysis
Debrief has been created to perform a variety of functions related to maritime tactical analysis, ranging from detailed analysis requiring accurate calculation and presentation of bearing and bearing rates, through the collation of graphical information to produce a plot for insertion into an analysis report, to the recording of animated dynamic sequences for replay in a presentation. The tool was originally produced to support submarine analysis, but has been expanded in the last 8 years to su...
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Applications for Glider Pilots and ClubsOpenSoaring is open source, and contributions are very much welcome from fellow pilots and club members.

We aim at web tools covering all areas where soaring can benefit from quality software. The first target is to cover flight storage, visualization and analysis. Next we aim at scheduling and fleet management for clubs. After that we hope to also add applications for weather visualization and thermal analysis.

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