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This website. Not completely open source (yet!), but you can use an open source component (called 'Ohcount') to generate similar source code metrics on your own.
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The Panopticode project provides a standardized format for describing the structure of software projects and integrates metrics from several tools into that format. Reporting options provide correlation, historic analysis, and visualization.
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Tags: java diagnostics performance-testing middleware measurement analysis perl
perfSONAR is, finally, an example set of code (implementation of services) that attempts to implement an interoperable peformance middleware framework. Those sets of code are developed by different partners. Some pieces of code are "more important" than others because their goal is to ensure interoperability between domains (e.g. the Lookup Service and the Authentication Service). Different subsets of code are important to each partner, with a great deal of overlap. The services developed acts a...
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Tags: monitoring quality cmmi analysis measurement
Measurement and analysis framework and applications.

Named after Macduff, who along with his fella Rosencrantz, were the first monkeys known able to count and sort.