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Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats) is a free powerful Web server logfile analyzer (Perl script) that shows you all your Web statistics including visits, unique visitors, pages, hits, rush hours, search engines, keywords used to find your site, robots, broken links, and more. It works with both IIS 5.0+ and Apache Web server log files as a CGI and/or from the command line. It also supports multiple languages including English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, and Greek.
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Tags: sysadmin tools log server web analysis logging statistics apache monitor hosting
The Webalizer is a fast, free web server log file analysis program. It produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser.
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This website. Not completely open source (yet!), but you can use an open source component (called 'Ohcount') to generate similar source code metrics on your own.
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Tags: php statistics web analysis
FireStats is an Ajax web statistics system with support various CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal trac and more.
FireStats shows you basic information about your page views and visitors, as well as advanced browser and OS distribution, countries and more.

FireStats is translated to multiple languages.

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Tags: web statistics log gpl php analysis mysql opensourcestat plugin monitor
piwik is an open source (GPL license) web analytics software. It gives interesting reports on your website visitors, your popular pages, the search engines keywords they used, the language they speak… and so much more.

piwik aims to be an open source alternative to Google Analytics.

[Formerly known as phpMyVisites]

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Tags: web statistics analysis
phpMyVisites is a software for websites statistics and audience measurements.

phpMyVisites gives a lot of information on websites visitors, visited pages, software/hardware utilization, etc... The GUI Interface is fun and practical. The installation is entirely automated and very simple.

Statistics are very complete and use many clear graphics to present data. The software is translated in more than 30 languages!

[Now changed into Piwik]

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BetterAWStats is made to provide better statistics out of the data AWStats provides. It is not a replacement of AWStats. It is using all data and language resources from AWStats, so the same translations and general features are always available also in BetterAWStats, additional features are being developed, but limited by the data provided through AWStats.
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ClickHeat is a PHP/AJAX visual heatmap generator of clicks on a HTML page, showing hot and cold click zones according to visitors clicks during a period.
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Tags: web statistics bbclone tools analysis php
BBclone is a web counter written in PHP and gives a detailed view of the visitors of your web site by displaying the nth last users (and the data they provided, like their IP, browser and so on) that visited the web site, not just showing a number of visitors. This is very handy for webmasters that want to see who is visiting their sites, what browser people use, where they came from etc.
HLstatsX Community Edition
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Tags: analysis halflife gaming php perl mysql statistics logging
Real-time stats and ranking for Source engine based games. HLstatsX uses a Perl demon to parse the logs from the game server. The data is stored in a MySQL Database and has a PHP fronted.

This project is a continuation of the GPL HLstatsX v1.20RC2 released in June 2007 that has since been made private.

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Octopussy is a solution to manage your logs (also frequently called a SIM/SEM/SIEM Solution). Basically, it stores your logs, produces reports, and raises alerts.
Obsessive Website Statistics
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Tags: analysis mysql log php obsessive web statistics plugin olap apache
The first open source Web 2.0 website log analyzer, OWS uses PHP and jQuery to provide a powerful and intuitive interface to manipulate website log data stored in a MySQL database. Has a simple plugin system so you can create custom output as well.
WebStats dotNet
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WebStats dotNet is a series of projects used to generate website statistics from IIS W3C http server log files. Best of all, it�s all free and licensed under the LGPL. The projects are written in C# using the Microsoft .NET Framework v 2.0. The projects composing WebStats dotNet are: the WebStats Class Library (.dll), the WebStats Website (ASP.NET) and the WebStats Scheduler (Windows Service).
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Sawmill is a log analysis tool which can be used to analyze Web site traffic, proxy usage, ftp usage, and much more. Major features include a persistent database for long-term tracking of statistics, hierarchical data mining features, and many security features appropriate for use in a multi-user environment.
Project 5480
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Tags: web analysis statistics
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Tags: statistics analysis log sysadmin security web
Lire is hands down the most versatile log analysis software to keep track of in an active network than just webservers available today. Lire not only keeps you informed about your HTTP, FTP, and mail traffic, it also reports on your firewalls, your print servers, and your DNS activity. It is GPL'ed Free Software (and Open Source), built around the idea of extendibility. Its xml-driven reporting engine can theoretically parse any kind of log, given that a service driver is written to convert the...
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Tags: analysis statistics web apache log geotagging monitor ruby
ClickSpotter is a real-time web server logfile monitor with IP geolocation support.
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The main goal of the project is to create a generic system storing various metrics collections used for performance and availability monitoring purposes. The system also provides a set of data-mining algorithms useful for performance analysis.

To read more about main goals and project requirements go to Allmon Wiki.

Modules and data live cycle:

Collector(*) (Metrics data acquisition, Extraction and Transformation) Loader(*) (Loading data to the database, Aggregating data) M...

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Tags: analysis monitor logging counter reporting tools referrer statistics web
"Onlinecounter" which can be visibly integrated into a web page.

German original text:
Der chCounter ist wesentlich mehr als wie ein normaler Besucherzähler. Mit dem chCounter hat man eine komplette Besucherstatistik mit sehr vielen Parametern. Egal ob der verwendete Browser des Besuchers oder eine Seitenstatistik, Tagesverlauf usw. werden in vielen Einzelheiten ausführlich sofort ausgegeben. Dieser Onlinecounter macht alle Auswertungen in Echtzeit und nicht mit Zeitversatz ...

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A Java framework for testing heuristics in breaking classifcal ciphers.