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Direct Web Remoting
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DWR (Direct Web Remoting) is Easy Ajax for Java

DWR enables Java code on the server and JavaScript code in a browser to interact and call each other as simply as possible, making it easy for developers to add data into web pages.

DWR generates JavaScript to allow web browsers to securely call into Java code almost as if it was running locally. It can marshall virtually any data including collections, POJOs, XML and binary data like images and PDF files. All that is required is a secu...

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qooxdoo is a comprehensive and innovative Ajax application framework. Leveraging object-oriented JavaScript allows developers to build impressive cross-browser applications. No HTML, CSS nor DOM knowledge is needed.

It includes a platform-independent development tool chain, a state-of-the-art GUI toolkit and an advanced client-server communication layer. It is Open Source under an LGPL/EPL dual license.

MindTouch Deki
[13 users on Ohloh]
MindTouch Deki Wiki is a free open source wiki and application platform for communities and enterprises. Deki Wiki is an easy to use and sophisticated wiki for authoring, aggregating, organizing, and sharing content. Deki Wiki is also a platform for creating collaborative applications, or adding wiki capabilities to existing applications.
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jSeamless is a UI abstraction layer for Java to allow developers to write code for any platform and any environment (Web, Desktop, Mobile, etc.) without having to know ahead of time the deployment platform or environment will.
[4 users on Ohloh]
While the Internet's design is widely understood to be open and distributed, control over how users interact online has given us largely centralized and closed systems. ShiftSpace is an Open Source platform that attempts to subvert this trend by providing a new public space on the web. By pressing the [Shift] + [Space] keys, a ShiftSpace user can invoke a new meta layer above any web page to browse and create additional interpretations, contextualizations and interventions using various authorin...
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Vaadin is a web application framework for Rich Internet Applications (RIA). In contrast to Javascript libraries and browser-plugin based solutions it features a server-side architecture, which means that the majority of the logic runs on the servers. Ajax technology is used at the browser-side to ensure a rich and interactive user experience.

Vaadin is a big collection of UI components. There are server-side components like Button, Table, Tree that you use to compose the application user ...

AppFuse Light
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AppFuse Light is a lightweight version of AppFuse. I was inspired to create it when looking at the struts-blank and webapp-minimal applications that ship with Struts and Spring, respectively. These "starter" apps were not robust enough for me, and I wanted something like AppFuse, only simpler.
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A Joomla! extension (module) to display GoogleMaps on your Joomla! page, using Google API AJAX Loader.
More Informations about the features on the project page.


Please notice: This project didn't use the repository before, so there is only a very short history. You can found final finals in the download zone.

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UFace provides a Universal API to create rich user interface applications on a variety of platforms such as the web via GWT or Java via Swing or Eclipse.

UFace provides a thin facade above the various widget implementations, then uses JFace Data Binding to bind your model objects to the user interface widgets.

The primary targets are implementation for GWT (including 3rd party widgets from e.g. gwt-ext, MyGWT), SWT/JFace and Swing but the API should flexible enough to allow other wid...

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axton is a Cross-Browser JavaScript Web Application Framework whose goal is to provide an extremely object oriented vehicle for developing AJAX Web Applications.

Among the features currently present are

Extensions and simplifications to the DOM manipulations A simple Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) library A global event management framework A rich AJAX framework that supports: Queued message transport with multiple queues Automatic JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and XML cont...

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LEAF, or Light and Extensible Apps Framework*, is a JavaScript project created to ease the development of web, Adobe AIR*, IPhone* and IPod* apps... gadgets, widgets and APIs. LEAF is fully compatible with intellisense editors like Aptana Studio*, JSEclipse* and Adobe Dreamweaver* CS4*.

Compatibility, performance and size are the most important rules of this project.

Download the current alpha version of LEAF. It's open source and you can modify, customizate and mashup it with any ot...

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Tags: api resource rest web2.0 json ajax django
Like Django itself, this code came up out of necessity: I was writing a quick single-page AJAXy app and came up with a few techniques and patterns to make that easy. After refining them some, I've decided to release them to the world. Hopefully they'll make your web development fast and easy.

The design was inspired by the simplicity of CherryPy coupled with the explicit expressiveness and extensibility of Django itself. You can use this code as-is, but you'll get the most benefit from re...

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Tags: ajax api gdata picasa
Upload it to your website and display all of your photos in picasa.
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Tags: ajax api php drive
A useful set of PHP controls that integrate with Google APIs.
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Quicklog was born out of a post on Lifehacker about a simple text file to keep track of your work progress and what you're working on. I did version 0.1 about a year ago, but it was horrible and needed a lot of work. Going through the Lifehacker Archives I remembered the post and decided I wanted to totally reprogram it using PHP and Ajax. About a day of work and Quicklog 1.0 (I know I skipped the 0.0 versions). I posted the link on the original Lifehacker post.

Lifehacker Post

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Tags: ajax api facebook javascript vista gadget
Allows the user to see any notifications, as well as a quick way to see the profiles of the user's friends.
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REST::Google - access Google REST (aka AJAX) API from Perl
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Utilises hooks into the issue tracking capabilities of fixx, through its rest api to log time against issues.
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Tags: python crud api rest ajax json xml django
IntroductionThe Django Framework offers a way to serialize internal objects into xml, json and other formats.

django-simple-api extends this to a lightweight API, vaguely following REST principles.

NewsDownloaduse the SVN version to get the most actual code:

svn checkout http://django-simple-api.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ django-simple-api

InstallContributeEvery contribution is welcome!

questions feature ideas bug reports suggestions

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This module implements the server-side OpenResty web service protocol. It provides scriptable and extensible web services for both server-side and client-side (pure AJAX) web applications.