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Tags: python api search fulltext xapian django
Use this package to allow full-text search in your Django Project.

You need Django (>= 1.0) and Xapian (>= 1.0.2), and also Xapian-bindings with Python enabled.

Notice: there is an old issue with Xapian in mod_python environment. So be careful.

Notice: new versions of Djapian - 2.x. It is backward-incompatible with older 1.x releases. See release notes for more details. It is highly recommended to rebuild your indexes after update of the code.

Notice: with last ...

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OpenX features a new API to manage publishers, zones, advertisers, ... via XML-RPC (https://developer.openx.org/wiki/display/DOCS/OpenX+API+Tutorial). This django application will provide a simple layer to wrap the calls to OpenX inside objects. django-openx tries to implement some objects to sanely use this API.
Django Piston
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Tags: rest api django
Piston is a relatively small Django application that lets you create application programming interfaces (API) for your sites.
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come back next week!
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What Is ArkayneEver find an awesome page and wish you could find more like it?

So you turn to the archives... nothing. Then your favorite search engine or two.. nothing. Hair pulling and violent typing begins.. nothing. After a few precious minutes of filtering through garbage you move on with your day. This is a feeling I hate having as I walk away from a good blog post. Which is why I created Arkayne, the sole purpose is to make sure you find another article as similar as possible t...

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Python API to access vkontakte.ru web services.
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Tags: prototype api ajax django python map station bus
Put bus stations on Yahoo Ajax Map and show the routes.
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Tags: xml json ajax rest crud api django
A super simple, slap-dash CRUD API for Django.
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Tags: api python rest django
Initially this project was meant as an improvements proposal for the existing django-rest-interface project, which was a good start but had some issues. The initial discussion can be found here.

Nothing ever happened with the issue as posted to the existing project, and since there still seems a need for this functionality, this project now exists.

Here is a very simple example of how you might create an API for a Publication model, using Django's builtin JSON serializer and HTTP b...

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Tags: api python django eve
django-eve-proxydjango-eve-proxy is a Django app that allows you to host an EVE API proxy that is open to web requests or internal requests programatically. Honors EVE API cache expiration intervals and updates as needed (which means you don't have to worry about stuff like cachedUntil).

Example Python Access # Query with no parameters.
cached_doc = CachedDocument.objects.api_query('/eve/ErrorList.xml.aspx', params=None)
# Print the results from EVE ...

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Tags: python crud api rest ajax json xml django
IntroductionThe Django Framework offers a way to serialize internal objects into xml, json and other formats.

django-simple-api extends this to a lightweight API, vaguely following REST principles.

NewsDownloaduse the SVN version to get the most actual code:

svn checkout http://django-simple-api.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ django-simple-api

InstallContributeEvery contribution is welcome!

questions feature ideas bug reports suggestions

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django-syncrSynchronize Django with the webThis project supplies everything needed to sync a Django project with several web APIs. It currently supports 8 services:

Flickr (http://flickr.com) Youtube (http://youtube.com) del.icio.us (http://del.icio.us) Twitter (http://twitter.com) ma.gnolia (http://ma.gnolia.com) Picasaweb (http://picasaweb.google.com) Readernaut (http://readernaut.com) Brightkite (http://brightkite.com) Additional web services can be added easily. Suggestions for more...

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Tags: api resource rest web2.0 json ajax django
Like Django itself, this code came up out of necessity: I was writing a quick single-page AJAXy app and came up with a few techniques and patterns to make that easy. After refining them some, I've decided to release them to the world. Hopefully they'll make your web development fast and easy.

The design was inspired by the simplicity of CherryPy coupled with the explicit expressiveness and extensibility of Django itself. You can use this code as-is, but you'll get the most benefit from re...

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Tags: mashup tag api django python
Many web services are specialized to a certain field of functionality. So they have high functionality, and segmented. Using their APIs, collect such pieces into a whole big picture under tags, dates and etc.
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Tags: django web chart api python
Python Google Chart WrapperEasily create Google charts using Python syntax and data objects.Python wrapper for the Google Chart API. The wrapper can render the URL of the Google chart, based on your parameters, or it can render an HTML img tag to insert into webpages on the fly. Made for dynamic python websites (Django,Zope,CGI,etc.) that need on the fly chart generation without any extra modules. Works for Python 2 and 3

>>> from GChartWrapper import Pie

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Tags: api picasa gae django
Site presents collection of photos. The plan is to use Picasa API for publiching pictures to site built on GAE with Django from Picasa client.

Portions of site were taken from Rietveld project.

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Tags: meta webservices api rdf django python
This is what came to my mind a second ago (maybe two) after reading James Bennett's blog entry 'Django tips: get the most out of generic views'[0].

Wouldn't it be nice to have generic views (REST APIs) for:

- Filesystem operations (on *nix for a start). Loose coupling with Python's OS module.

- Subversion interface (e.g. for keeping templates or translation under revision control) using pysvn[1].

- RDF data (for any purpose, really!) You could store metadata about anythin...

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API documentationWelcome on the developers' documentation site of mixin.com.

Warning: our API is still in beta stage. There is no guaranty about stability of the API for now. We use our API on mixin.com website.

Developers' APIThe aim of this documentation is to allow you to develop external services like widgets, plugins and more. This is pretty basic for the moment and it will evolve soon, depending on your needs.

Overview Authentication: Basic Auth or OAuth Event: http:/...

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Tags: django api message queue python
This is a very simple API for interacting with lightweight queues. Currently queues that speak the memcached protocol, Amazon's SQS service, and Beanstalkd are supported. External backends can be easily defined and used as long as they conform to the BaseQueue API.

This library is designed to be configured either from a Django settings file or via environment variables. Heavy lifting is done by one of the backend libraries:

Backend Library License sqs boto MIT memcached...

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Tags: api gae mashup web30 sns django news
an website project base on GAE for conllection information about HOT NEWS.