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The GlassFish community is building free, open source, production-quality, enterprise software. The main deliverables is a production-quality Application Server that is also the Java EE 5 Reference Implementation.

There are 3 ongoing releases of the GlassFish AppServer. GlassFish v1 is in production. GlassFish v2 adds clustering, failover, features and performance and is close to beta3. GlassFish v3 adds a modular architecture with a very small kernel and is in early technology preview...

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CDO Model Repository

CDO is both a technology for distributed shared EMF models and a fast server-based O/R mapping solution. With CDO you can easily enhance your existing models in such a way that saving a resource transparently commits the applied changes to a relational database. Optionally other connected clients are actively notified about these changes so that their model copies get partially invalidated and all user interfaces reflect the current ...

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MMBase is a Web Content Management System with strong multi media features and advanced portal functionalities. MMBase has a large installed base in The Netherlands, and is used by major Dutch broadcasters, publishers, educational institutes, national and local governments. MMBase is written in Java, it is Open Source Software (MPL) and all standards used are as 'open' as possible. The system can be used with all major operating systems, application servers and databases.

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A lightweight object-relational bridge for Java, based on (and mostly compliant with) the "Ease of Development" API distributed with Java 6 beta.
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Remember complex information without giving yourself a headache. In cases where you just need a quick way of storing facts according to complex ques, this module provides some helpful shortcuts. I designed it to be used for storing the miscellaneous information on my custom IRC bots.
UJO Framework
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UJO Framework provides special objects with a different architecture from JavaBeans. The UJO objects have got the some unique features:
* map based architecture with a value type safe solution
* an easy object introspection without a heavy PropertyDescriptor implementation
* simple persistence the object to XML and another formats
* two fundamental interfaces are applicable for easy user implementation
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The project provides extensions to Hibernate to provide complete auditing capabilities. It uses a set of tables in the DB that do not depend on the object model
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Stone was built to provide plug-and-play data persistence for any small application or framework written in Ruby where a database would be overkill. It gives ActiveRecord/DataMapper-like functionality to any data you wish to store.