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jUploadr is a cross platform, cross-site Photo uploader. Currently it runs on Windows Linux and OS X and supports both Flickr and Zooomr. It allows you to set all properties of a photo before you upload it. It also supports batch editing, so you can make short work of uploading a bunch of files.
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Net::Flickr is an elegant, Ruby-fied implementation of Flickr's REST API.
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Tags: photo prototype api flickr javascript
A library to access the flickr API using client side JavaScript.

Project has just started so everything is work in progress.

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Attribution ShareAlike Creative Commons for flickr photos using the flickr API inspired by BYSACC (aka "hack number 73") from BBC Yahoo hackday London !
FlickrNet API Library
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Tags: photo samples cool api flickr .net
A .Net Library for accessing the Flickr API. Written entirely in C# it can be accessed from with any .Net language in .Net Framework 1.1 and .Net Framework 2.0. We are working trying to get it working in Mono and the CF as well.
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Tags: photo api script python html flickr
Flickr Photoset HTML Generatr can help you generate HTML code from your flickr photo set. All you need is a Flickr API key. And your flickr username.

UsagegetSetPhotos.py {Flickr Set ID}

NoteYou have to get a working Flickr API Key first. Apply for your own here for free: http://www.flickr.com/services/api/keys/apply/

ExampleSony Reader photoset on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bfishadow/sets/72157613740744165/

The Flickr Set ID is: 72157613740744165


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Tags: video blackberry mobile api photo phanfare
Publicly released API libraries for various environments that allow access to the Phanfare service. Also any extra things I write.