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Libxslt is the XSLT C library developed for the GNOME project. It is based on libxml2 the XML C library developed for the GNOME project. It also implements most of the EXSLT set of processor-portable extensions functions and some of Saxon's evaluate and expressions extensions.
Saxon XSLT and XQuery Processor
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The SAXON package is a collection of tools for processing XML documents.
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Pulse is a lightweight framework on top of the servlet api providing easy to use and easy to extend patterns for creating browser based applications and websites. Moreover Pulse delivers a set of out-of-the-box components, e.g. CMS, shopping, user management.

Key features:
* Cross-platform, implemented using Java technology.
* Completely written using Java 5.
* Provides a framework for quick development of own applications.

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The Firewater Framework lets you create sophisticated REST based web APIs for your Java and Flash/Flex based web applications. Features include:

Spring based declarative architecture (zero code web services) extensible framework supports GET, PUT, POST, OPTIONS and DELETE HTTP methods and matches incoming URL patterns supports JDBC back-ends with templated SQL mappings supports secured web services using Acegi Spring Security supports paging, full-text search, sorting and filtering flex...

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PHP libraries to generate XML code from widgets (pages, forms, menus, etc.) and use it to show Web pages with XSL files. That way the design is made easier using XSL editors or applications like Dreamweaver.

Goals: webdesigners making dynamic pages easily, but with flexibility, letting them to use external applications, like Dreamweaver fast code programming, so the programmers usually only need to create widgets objects, configure them and attach them to "web pages" widgets create a ...