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Tags: qt browser webkit qt4 web
Arora is a simple cross platform web browser. Currently Arora is a very basic browser whose feature list includes things like "History" and "Bookmarks". It does not have support for netscape plugins, so no flash support until Qt 4.5. But it is small, less than 10,000 lines of code, very fast, lean, mean and loads of fun to hack on. Arora and QtWebKit is developed to be cross-platform using the Qt library. It was originally created as a demo for Qt to help test the QtWebKit co...
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Tags: fast small engine qt webkit piti browser python pyqt
Piti8rowser is a small,fast and smart web browser,explorer,viewer what do you want , that could it.

.gadget-title {
margin-bottom: 2px;

function resizeIframeHandler(opt_height) {
var elem = document.getElementById(this.f);
if (!elem) return;
if (!opt_height) {
elem.style.height = undefined;
else {
opt_height = Math.max(10, opt_height);...

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Tags: python qt4 qt browser
A really small and fast browser written in Python, using the Qt4 toolkit and webkit engine.
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Tags: web kde browser c++ qt linux windows khtml
Eureka is a lightweight web browser based on KDE, making use of KDE technologies such as KParts, KXmlGui, and Solid.
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Tags: web widows linux browser kde qt webkit c++
Foxkit is a Web Browser written with Qt4, WebKit and (optionally) KDELibs4 at its core. The initial objective is to implement the basic features found in all the major browsers (tabs, history, cookies, adblock, download manager, etc). Longer term objectives include advanced scripting/plugin support (via Kross/QtScript for scripting, and QPluginLoader for C++ Plugins), session management, as well as tools to monitor exactly what Foxkit is doing (similar to Firebug extension for FireFox).


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Tags: qt mac windows linux browser server games
Qt based Games Servers Browser
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Simple html browser in Java.
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A Chromium ( http://code.google.com/chromium/ ) like browser built on WebKit and Qt , which aims to be cross platform and lightweight.

This project is open source and a proof of concept as of now

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Tags: browser c framework qt4 qt
This project its just an implementation for the Programming Language class of Computer Science Graduation course at Universidade Estadual de Londrina(UEL)

We'll use the Qt4 Framework and C++.

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QtWeb Internet BrowserPortable Qt-based web browser. Customizable GUI. Privacy features.QtWeb is a compact, portable and secure alternative web browser with some unique UI and privacy features. QtWeb is an open source project based on Nokia's Qt framework (former Trolltech) and Apple's WebKit rendering engine (the same as being used in Apple Safari and Google Chrome).

Use ScenariosLimited Windows environment (Windows booting and running from CD / DVD / USB Flash - WinPE, BartPE) Portable ...

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Tags: anonymity polipo privoxy tor qt browser webkit
Torora is a lightweight cross-platform browser for dedicated anonymous browsing with TorĀ®.

As a dedicated Tor browser, Torora provides explicit state separation for the user. This means the user cannot fall into the trap of mixing anonymous and non-anonymous browsing with the same application. Torora prevents the user from browsing until it has verified the presence of a working TorĀ® installation. Torora attempts to disable/modify most browser behaviour that may allow the user to leak in...

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Tags: web kde qt browser
An embedded version of KDE's Konqueror