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Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. Trac uses a minimalistic approach to web-based software project management. Our mission; to help developers write great software while staying out of the way. Trac should impose as little as possible on a team's established development process and policies.

It provides an interface to Subversion, an integrated Wiki and convenient report facilities.

Trac allows wiki markup in issue descriptions and c...

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Bugzilla is a web-based bug tracking tool. It works with an existing web server, e.g. Apache, and with an existing SQL database, e.g. MySQL or PostgreSQL.
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Mantis is an easily deployable, web based bugtracker to aid product bug tracking. It requires PHP, MySQL and a web server. It is simpler than Bugzilla and easily editable. Check out the online Demo.
Eclipse Mylyn
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Tags: wikitext eclipse ui tasks bug-tracking mylar mylyn java
Mylyn is a Task-Focused Interface for Eclipse that reduces information overload and makes multi-tasking easy. It does this by making tasks a first class part of Eclipse, and integrating rich and offline editing for repositories such as Bugzilla, Trac, and JIRA. Once your tasks are integrated, Mylyn monitors your work activity to identify information relevant to the task-at-hand, and uses this task context to focus the Eclipse UI on the interesting information, hide the uninteresting, and automat...
Request Tracker
[66 users on Ohloh]
RT is an enterprise-grade ticketing system which enables a group of people to intelligently and efficiently manage tasks, issues, and requests submitted by a community of users.

The RT platform has been under development since 1996, and is used by systems administrators, customer support staffs, IT managers, developers and marketing departments at thousands of sites around the world.

Written in object-oriented Perl, RT is a high-level, portable, platform independent system that eases...

TikiWiki CMS/Groupware
[50 users on Ohloh]
A full-featured, web-based, multilingual, tightly integrated, all-in-one Wiki+CMS+Groupware, using PHP, ADOdb, Zend Framework, jQuery and Smarty. Can be used to create all sorts of Web applications, sites, portals, knowledge bases, intranets, and extranets.

Tiki offers a very large number of features "out-of-the-box", arguably more than any other Open Source Web Application. Highly configurable & modular, all the features are optional and administered via a ...

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Flyspray is an uncomplicated, web-based bug tracking system written in PHP for assisting with software development.

It was originally conceived when the Psi Jabber client project couldn�t find a bugtracker that suited their needs, and has been made available for everyone to use for their own projects.

Agilo for Scrum (Free Scrum Tool)
[27 users on Ohloh]
Agilo for Scrum is a simple, web-based and straightforward tool to support the Scrum process. Agilo is based on Trac a very successful and widespread Ticket Tracking System, and developed using the Python programming language.

Agilo has all the basics you need in a tool to support the use of the Scrum process (daily stand-up, burndown charts, etc.). A useful feature is the ability to link items together. This includes the capability of copying information from parent to child. Being able t...

[21 users on Ohloh]
Foswiki is the next generation of enterprise collaboration suites. With Foswiki, you don't have to be a programmer to collect, store, and re-use enterprise information: everyday users have the power to easily create Web 2.0 applications such as mashups and social interaction tools.
The Bug Genie
[19 users on Ohloh]
The bug genie is a user-friendly and powerful web-based (PHP5) bug tracker/bug tracking tool with features such as project management, svn integration, publishing tools, messaging, calendar +more. Ready to use out-of-the-box, all you need in one package!
[15 users on Ohloh]
ITIL compliant Open Source IT Service Management Solution (ITSM). Requires the OTRS (Open Ticket Request System) framework.

Besides all OTRS features, new ones include Incident, Problem and Configuration Management, integrated Configuration Management Data Base; process spanning Communicationmanagement: within the IT Serviceorganization, towards Customers/Users/Management and Suppliers/Providers; powerfull statistical features for (Trend-)Analysis, key figured Reporting, ITSM-Planning/-Con...

[15 users on Ohloh]
Web-based project management & project portfolio management system for service and consulting companies with 2-200 employees. ]po[ covers areas such as CRM, sales, project planning & controlling, collaboration, timesheet, invoicing and payments.
Roundup Issue Tracker
[10 users on Ohloh]
Roundup is a simple-to-use and -install issue- tracking system with command-line, Web, and e- mail interfaces. It manages a number of issues (with flexible properties such as "description", "priority", and so on) and provides the ability to (a) submit new issues, (b) find and edit existing issues, and (c) discuss issues with other participants. The system will facilitate communication among the participants by managing discussions, and notifying interested parties when issues are edited.
Mindquarry Collaboration Server
[9 users on Ohloh]
The Mindquarry Collaboration Server is an integrated set of tools for better teamwork including file sharing with version control, WYSIWYG-Wiki, and easy-to-use task management. It is accompanied by a small desktop client that allows desktop synchronization, and features a small todo list.
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The cleverbox provides an interactive command line shell dedicated to the deployment and maintenance of trac and subversion instances.

It can handle multiple configuration profiles, enabling the deployment of differently flavored type of project (trac configuration and permissions, apache configuration templates, etc).

Project's main objective is to make your life as simple as possible. Thus, it comes with easy installation, easy upgrades and a comprehensive documentation.

Mylyn-Mantis Repository Connector
[8 users on Ohloh]
This project is an eclipse Mylyn Repository plug-in for the Mantis Bug Tracking application using the Mantis Connect SOAP interface. This Repository Connector is alpha quality. For the most part it works as advertised, it just needs testing and some refinements added..

There are now two versions of this connector:
-version 2.x, Eclipse update site at: http://www.digital-d.at/eclipse/update.
-version 1.x, will be maintained to the extent that bug fixes are p...

Work Request Management System
[8 users on Ohloh]
The Work Request Management System (WRMS) is used for managing requests from clients through to resolution and time recording for billing purposes.
Cerberus Helpdesk
[7 users on Ohloh]
Cerberus Helpdesk is an email application which focuses on teams sharing mailboxes. It features Fetch and Retrieve, Super Sorter, and Virtual Community Tools.

Teach Cerberus exactly what information you want and how you want it displayed.

Your agents can choose their own important columns, custom data, queues, ticket statuses and more!

Customized ticket views are saved for later reuse.

[7 users on Ohloh]
JTrac is a generic issue-tracking web-application that can be easily customized by adding custom fields and drop-downs. Features include customizable workflow, field level permissions, e-mail integration, file attachments and a detailed history view.
[6 users on Ohloh]
cil allows easy command-line creation of an issue tracker. It saves each issue locally and in plain text. Commands are given such that these issues can be added, edited and listed easily.