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Traditionally, chat clients on the Mac have been anything but glamorous. Colloquy is an advanced IRC, SILC & ICB client which aims to fill this void. By adhering to Mac OS X interface conventions, Colloquy has the look and feel of a quality Mac application.
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Bip is an IRC proxy, which means it keeps connected to your preferred IRC servers, can store the logs for you, and even send them back to your IRC client(s) upon connection.
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shroudBNC is a modular IRC proxy written in C++. It is capable of proxying IRC connections for multiple users. Using TCL scripts it can be extended.

Amongst its features you can find a user-friendly web interface (coded in TCL and PHP) which allows you to easily create and manage users. A live demonstration of the web interface can be viewed here. Some screenshots are also available.

A variety of operating systems are currently supported: Linux, FreeBSD (and possibly other variations...

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psyBNC is an easy-to-use, multi-user, permanent IRC Bouncer with many features. Some of its features include symmetric ciphering of talk and connections (Blowfish and IDEA) It supports SSL connections and compiles on Linux, FreeBSD, SunOs and Solaris.
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savIRC is an Open Source IRC Client written in Tcl/Tk
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Our goal is development of practical comet server which will be achieving over 100,000 simultaneous connections per host.

On this purpose, we abandon portability and use system calls depending on particular OS such as epoll and kqueue.

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Tags: web2.0 chat unix bsd ajax php mysql
Web 2.0 chat based, writing on php and using MySQL base.