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shaim is an open-source multi-protocol instant messaging client written in C#.
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Complete, lightweight and portable C# library for Facebook: gives complete access to Facebook functionalities (API, Chat and more), does browserless login and runs on Microsoft .net, Microsoft .net for Mobile (Compact Framework) and Mono.


On the 12th of February, 2009 I've received a "Cease and Desist" e-mail from Facebook's lawyers. As a result, the project will be closed at latest the 19th of February, 2009.

For now, the copies of that letter are kept personal. If you'd l...

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A set of .Net controls for sending and receiving Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), also known as the Jabber. Client connections, server component connections, presence, service discovery, and the like.
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This project is now called Ubiety and is being tracked on a different page.
Eve Chat
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Tags: logs chat eveonline c# eve eve-online log
A fully functional and easy to use windows based chat client for EVE Online. (One way due to EVE Online's EULA)
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Banter is a next generation real time collaboration client focused on
the big three: text, voice and video. It's centered on a dynamic,
innovative and easy to use contact management system.
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Tags: agsxmpp gtalk c# .net chat
A bot for Google Talk that allows you to have group chats between multiple users.

Setup and Installation Instructions Chat Commands

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Implementation of an IRC-Daemon in C#, will be deployed as a DLL and as a working IRC-Daemon.

First Implementation won't be able to have a multi-server setup.

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The WinWorm project strives to create a client/server application to ease administrative workloads by allowing complete control of all Windows workstations or servers that an administrator might need to control remotely.

The idea behind WinWorm is an all inclusive helpdesk application that will allow remote control, chat and private networking.

To accomplish these tasks, WinWorm will be able to control VNC for Remote Desktop functionality, OpenVPN for private networking, and Jabber...

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A implementation of the XMPP protocol written in C# and a WPF client.

Project moved to http://babelim.codeplex.com/

babel im
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A implementation of the XMPP protocol written in C# and a WPF client.
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Peer Messenger is a LAN based peer to peer messenger along the lines of IP Messenger (http://www.ipmsg.org/index.html.en). The goal is to do the same thing IP Messenger does but with a better interface and in .NET.

One of the immediate objectives of the project is to support the IP Messenger protocol as fully as possible so that people who work in environments where IPMsg is used can use Peer Messenger as a drop-in replacement.

A more far-fetched objective is to also implement Jabber...

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Tags: chat irc c#
ядро IRC сервиса с поддержкой плагинов
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An Internet Relay Chat (IRC) library written in C#, which enabled developers to make their applications take advantages of the Internet Relay Chat network.

The library supports basic IRC features, such as channels, users and messaging, but it also supports CtCp, DCC chats and transfers.

It is licensed under the BSD license, and is therefore free to use in any open source as well as proprietary software.

Project Status:

I've done a lot of code restructuring and been re...

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Tags: client chat c# framework irc
A framework to take care of all of the redundant IRC client work that needs to occur in nearly all client applications. This framework will abstract all events and let the developer decide how to handle them. It will provide interfaces for other areas of the system such as user identification handling.
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Tags: rss atom blog flash live web chat video c# .net
A system provide video logging, video chating, live web cam ...
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Tags: communications c# 2-0 chat .net
A small Windowsapplication that enables Meebo (www.meebo.com) to be used like a default IM client with an icon in the taskbar.
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Tags: communications c# 2-0 chat firefox .net
A small Windowsapplication that enables Meebo (www.meebo.com) to be used like a default IM client with an icon in the taskbar.
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Babel is a language for talking with computers. It is a knowledge representation language that aims to be as expressive as most natural language. It is a formal grammar for representing thoughts and the meaning of human languages.

Babel is modeled after traditional computer programming languages that provide for terse, human readable and easy to write code.

Parsing natural language is a hard problem, but it can be avoided by writing Babel. By using this format natural language ...

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Tags: chat irc c#