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Orion is an multi-language multi-protocol Library mostly covering Chat Protocols. At the moment IRC (ruby) is fully supported. MSN (ruby) is partly.
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Main GoalCodeIDE.com - is a website that helps building code in your Web Browser.

This service is for the people who want to start programming and for those, who want to remind previous experience.

On this site all people can run programs online and sometimes it's called as WebIDE

Supported languages for Now: Basic, Pascal, C/C++, JavaScript, Perl.

Languages that will be supported soon: Lisp, Java, Assembler, Ruby, Python

Additional ServicesSyntax Highlightin...

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dTeam is a Dev-Team that makes WIN applications.

- Downloads Available

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Video Conference Flash Plugins provides Flash/ActionScript 3 plugins that provide the minimum functionality for accessing a webcam and video - live or recorded - from a Flash Media Server such as OSflash Red5, FMS, or tape/rtmpy. The plugins take "FlashVars" parameters to control almost everything. They can be used to create video conferencing Web sites, video chat sites, or YouTube clones.
The FlashVid plugins have been built and designed so that you don't have to use or install F...
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A PHP- powered guestbook / shoutbox / chatboxFeatures:
- IP banning
- efficient spam stopper (BETA)
- word filter for curse words (also supporting replacing words with others)
- everything can be controlled in browser
- special markup for admin messages
- chatting made easy
- remembering used nickname via cookies
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hi all...

am putting up my developed gadgets over here....

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Tags: code messenger p2p chat
chat messenger using simple P2P programming.