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bittorrent file-sharing multi-user-dungeons-(mud) security
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Tags: chat desktop-environment
A Microsoft MSN Messenger client/library in Java
ezUnison file synchronization tool
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Tags: desktop-environment file-sharing chat
ezUnison automates synchronizing files between sets of computers connected through SSH or Gaim, monitoring the filesystem in real-time, and notifying the user of conflicts by modifying the filenames of conflicting files.
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Tags: chat desktop-environment multi-user-dungeons-(mud) security
IVJ MUD (Masive Multiplayer Text Game) is a SSL-based soft:
-Client (GUI)
-Server (GUI)
-Applet (GUI)
-Protocol (SSL-based, use of localization files that store strings to reduce trafic and allow for instant i18n.
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Tags: desktop-environment chat
MsComSpy is an application that runs on your Desktop to log all messages in and out of Microsoft Communicator. Each MS Communicator message is logged on a per user and time basis. Currently, the only GUI is a local AJAX-powered HTML page.
Torrent Jump
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Tags: chat bittorrent desktop-environment
Torrent Jump - Is the next generation of Bit Torrent manager, combining a download manager and a high end multimedia library system. This software can be used purely as a stand alone desktop utility.