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Chisimba is a Web 2.0 enabled rapid application development with a rich set of features and over 100 modules of functionality. It is available for download via the listed homepage or cvs checkout from cvs2.uwc.ac.za. Chisimba was developed based on several years of experience in software design and architecture at the University of the Western Cape and partner institutions around Africa using its predecessor KEWL.NextGen. It is under active development by a team of developers in 16 African hi...
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Tags: talk community simple phpbb forum ajax php chat
It's a simple php/ajax chat for phpbb
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GeniForum a social networking and a forum utility built over Rich Internet Applications ( RIA ) . RIA is a web application that has the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications with enhanced look and feel and some added usability or navigability features.
Application has features of group chat , personal messaging , forums and contact management. The application is expected to boost user experience and improve the traditional problems of web based forum. ...
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I'm Yana. I live in Ukraine, study in the university of Petro Mohyla in Nickolaev. May be, you think I'm a common girl, but not at all. I'm a writer and - how people say - very talented. I created this page, 'cause I want to know your opinion about my works. Please, tell me it, it's really very important for me! Thanks!

Меня зовут Яна. Я живу в Украине. учусь в НГГУ им. П. Могилы. Возможно, вы подумаете, что я обычная девушка, но это не совсем так. Я писательница, и - как говорят л...

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php + mysql dating script
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Currently in the planning stages, osBulletin will be a complete open source forum solution. It will provide an alternative to commercial forum solutions, like Invision Power Board and vBulletin.

Many features are planned, including the following features:

On the front-end:
- AJAX-powered Quick Reply, editing, inline moderation, and multi-quote
- Personal Messages with Conversations
- User Control Panel with Profile Options
- Si...

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Paraforum is a php based message board. It has been running for years on http://www.blok4.dk as a quick and dirty solution.

Now the time has come to take Paraforum and make it Web 2.0'ish and add some web-community features to it.


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Turkey Sohbet Site
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PLEASE NOTESirlame is now known as Bantr. This google code page is never going to be updated.

What is sirlame?Sirlame is an open source messaging system that can be described as a hybrid between a forum system and a chat system. It is written in php and mysql. It can also be described as the greatest web application ever made, you know cows never lie, right?

recent updatessirlame 0.1.3 releasedWe realize that there is still a lot to do before we make it to .3 (alot of issues yet to...

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Tags: forum chat facebook location-based
Small World is a location based chat room and forum implementation that aims to provide relevant real time information to users on the go via their laptop or mobile device. To do this, Small World will organize Facebook's events, groups, and pictures by location to provide personalized views that will give the user the opportunity to always, effortlessly be “in the loop.”

You can view the app here:Small World

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Tags: chat javascript php forum ajax
SNAF is an open source forum based on AJAX, intended to be neat, fast, and snappy.

Made by Stefan Sundin. Send me an email and tell me what you think.

Update 2009-01-17: I took some screenshots of SNAF today, for historical reasons.

Note: Development has been indefinitely postponed since 2006. The forum far from finished. I might come back to SNAF sometime later, but if that's the case I will most likely do a complete rewrite. Thanks for stopping by.

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Tags: study documents forum chat facebook
Resources for Academic Achievement Facebook ApplicationThis application allows Facebook users at the University of Louisville to communicate ideas in a forum, chat with other students/tutors, and share documents (such as supplemental instruction material). The application will be administered by Reach and Reach tutors. Tutors will have the ability to grant students access to the application and add them to courses. The forum is based on mylittleforum: http://mylittleforum.net/, the chat is based...
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Tags: userinteractivity chat blog forum
project hopes to consolidate all the various types of blogging/form/shoutbox/chat communications to a single representation with views based on the individual users preference and usage.
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Tags: free chat forum cms boy pez da press word panel admin
Go to http://dapezboy.org/admin-panel/about/ for more information.
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Bantr is an open source system coded in php, mysql, and javascript that is best described as a hybrid of a chat and forum.

Attention again: Looks like google has pushed mercurial to all projects now, so everything is back to normal

NewsGetting closerLooks like we're getting mighty close to a 0.1 release. Here's our checklist for what needs to be done before the release:

Pagination Better plugin API Fine tuning of the template system Admin panel (maybe) Improve API doc...