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Java Instant Message (IM) Library, Client and Tools.

Flexible framework to design your own IM client or bots. Supports AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, SMS.

Fully functional GUI with spell checking and a lot more. Includes a web interface for remote/cell access.

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beirc is a graphical Internet Relay Chat client using the clim (or mcclim) graphical library and built on top of cl-irc. beirc is the creation of Gilbert Baumann.

Its features include:

* Multiple channels on multiple servers (one channel per tab)
* Ignore nicks (messages from selected nicks completely removed from display)
* Focus nicks (messages from selected nicks bolded on display)
* Clickable URLs
* Rewritable URLs (rewrite...

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Opener Chat is a kind of multi-user and multi-protocol online communication software which is like Pidgin (gaim).

Opener Chat is completely programmed by Perl which consists of the graphical interface part and net part. Now we use the module of win32::GUI to carry its interface into effect, so this software can only run on the win32 platform.

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T42 is a Win32 implementation of unix ntalk protocol.
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dTeam is a Dev-Team that makes WIN applications.

- Downloads Available

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Tags: gui chat gtalk jabber ipodtouch iphone
Gtalk/Jabber client with simple user interface for the ipod touch and iphone. HTTP proxy connection is supported.

The application tested with ipod touch and iphone firmware 1.1.4.

21.04.2008: r38: French localization by Dualcore (SOSiPhone.com); icons for jabber, gtalk and icq transport contacts; resolvehost fix.

15.04.2008: r32: new message badge, fix crash after bad login, set focus on reply text window, userlist sorting by new messages, sound and vibration settings, russi...