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Facebook Plugin for Pidgin
[86 users on Ohloh]
A Facebook plugin for Pidgin. Lets you send and receive messages using the Facebook Chat protocol from your favourite instant messenger.
[68 users on Ohloh]
skype4pidgin is a plugin for libpurple programs such as Pidgin or Adium, to be able to use the Skype API to control and use Skype to send IM's
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Tags: kilix cc plugin libpurple pidgin delphi messenger im chat fchat
This project is an a reanimation of FChat - one of the famous p2p chat programs for local networks. Original FChat was with support of IRC protocol and itself FChat protocol based on UDP datagrams.

In this project we have this.

Several Plugins for original FChat. NextChat - the first attempt implement FChat protocol on Linux. Developed in Kilix it can be runed on Red Hat. Program have not full suport of protocol and unstable. FChatPZ this is chat program based on FChat protocol dev...