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Tags: gajim gtk chat jabber instant-messaging xmpp python
The goal of Gajim is to provide a full featured and easy to use Jabber client. Gajim works nicely with GNOME, but does not require it to run.
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Supybot is a cross-platform IRC bot written in Python, known to run anywhere Python runs, which includes all *nices, and Windows.

1. Supybot is actively developed.
2. Supybot offers nested commands.
3. Supybot has a powerful and flexible capability system for handling security.
4. Supybot includes many plugins , and has many more ripe for the picking on this very website.
5. Supybot supports multiple servers.

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CJC is a Jabber/XMPP client for text terminals. It uses pyxmpp library for XMPP comunication and curses for screen output. It is not fully-featured yet, but still quite usable. Its user interface is resembling those of popular IRC clients like irssi or BitchX.
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Jabbim is a client for communication over XMPP/Jabber protocol, written in the Python language using Qt (4.3), PyQt (4.3) and Pyxl library, which is a part of the client. The aim of the Jabbim client is to make Jabber approachable for common people, so it is a client for common users and beginners. Because of this philosophy the Jabbim client might not suit everyone.
Virtual Object System (VOS)
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VOS is a library and network protocol for interlinked object structures, which can be easily distributed over networks. Notifications of changes are automatically sent to other applications/clients. VOS simplifies concurrent asynchronous programming, both within the same process or distributed over the network. Revision control (versions), access control, and other important features are built in. VOS object messaging also allows access from multiple languages.

VOS forms the basis for...

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An IRC bot written in Python, using the Twisted framework.

It has a simple but powerful plugin system. Plugins that already exist include:
* RSS feeds,
* karma,
* CIA-style RCS integration using an XMLRPC interface,
* weather reports

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Why gozerbot?

* provide both IRC and Jabber support
* user management by userhost .. bot will not respond if it doesn't know you (see USER)
* fleet .. use more than one bot in a program (list of bots) (see FLEET)
* use the bot through dcc chat
* fetch rss feeds (see RSS)
* remember items
* relaying between bots (see RELAY)
* program your own plugins (see PROGRAM...

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Orion is an multi-language multi-protocol Library mostly covering Chat Protocols. At the moment IRC (ruby) is fully supported. MSN (ruby) is partly.
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Tags: xmpppy xmpp-client chat xmpp python
Library for handling xmpp with python. Written with jabberd2 in mind so it uses DISCO for browsing, privacy rules sets for invisible presence, SASL for authentication, TLS for security and so on...
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Tags: gtk twisted chat python
This page is currently a stub and heavily under construction. Please don't link to it yet.

FeaturesA server based chat with multiple channels A client with a straight forward user interface written in GTK. Private messaging RSA encrypted messaging Primitive emoticon support Extras like log and file bots Easy to use, fast and stable Written in Python, GTK and Twisted. All source is supplied and licensed under the GPLv2.

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Tags: python3 chat irc python
EyeRCbot is a modular IRC bot written in Python 3 written from scratch. The name is derived from the name of the eggdrop bot I onced manage, Eye, and the fact I like puns. Eggdrop is a massive programs with many features that my channel doesn't need, many that were expanded through tcl scripts, and would require me to learn tcl and c to extend the functionality of eggdrop.

Writing a new bot in python seemed more easy at the time.

The bot is being rewritten for the third time and ...

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Tags: communication api python twitter library chat
A python wrapper around the Twitter API
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foodborne illness is a dangerous illness/disease because when your not careful and you haven't cook your food all the way through you can get food Poisoning. but anyway foodborne illness is also consumed when the animal is at the stock house before butching.
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Tags: chat jabber python xmpp instant-messaging
PyXMPP is a Python XMPP (RFC 3920,3921) and Jabber (http://www.jabber.org/protocol/) implementation. It is based on libxml2 -- fast and fully-featured XML parser.

PyXMPP provides most core features of the XMPP protocol and several JSF-defined extensions. PyXMPP provides building blocks for creating Jabber clients and components. Developer uses them to setup XMPP streams, handle incoming events and create outgoing stanzas (XMPP "packets").

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Tags: chat conference bot python
A google talk conference bot written by Python, which can support multi-user chatting.
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Main GoalCodeIDE.com - is a website that helps building code in your Web Browser.

This service is for the people who want to start programming and for those, who want to remind previous experience.

On this site all people can run programs online and sometimes it's called as WebIDE

Supported languages for Now: Basic, Pascal, C/C++, JavaScript, Perl.

Languages that will be supported soon: Lisp, Java, Assembler, Ruby, Python

Additional ServicesSyntax Highlightin...

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Tags: xml-rpc client server chat python
The project is for learning purpose, maybe it will not be useful. Two modes of chatting (with and without server). Two modes of message delivering - XML-RPC calls and socket mode. Internet talk mode in future.
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Tags: dht kademlia p2p secure chat python
IntroductionCSpace provides a platform for secure, decentralized, user-to-user communication over the internet. The driving idea behind the CSpace platform is to provide a connect(user,service) primitive, similar to the sockets API connect(ip,port). Applications built on top of CSpace can simply invoke connect(user,service) to establish a connection. The CSpace platform will take care of locating the user and creating a secure, nat/firewall friendly connection. Thus the application developers ar...
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Tags: server client socket chat pyteta pateta python
PyTETAAboutPyTETA is a client-server chat basead in P.A.T.E.T.A. protocol.

The project contain the server and a client example, using gtk+ (glade).

AuthorRogério Alencar Lino Filho


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ErisMUD is a free MUD/MOO server and engine written from scratch in Python using SQLite for data storage. ErisMUD is distributed under the GPL. It is a work-in-progress but already has many features:

Creating/destroying/listing rooms, items, NPCs with a single command. Moving around in all directions. Importing text maps directly into the system. ANSI colors. Basic health/damage system. Talking using the "say" command, chatting using the "chat" command. Cloning items, dropping them on the...