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A Jabber/XMPP library written in Tcl.
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modification of Bombus, midp mobile jabber client
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JMeeting is a next generation type of business or personal meeting. JMeeting will have audio, video and chat conferencing easily set up and viewable. JMeeting will be able to share and create presentations. During the meeting you can click present and it will present the presentation or document full screen to all users with a red laser to show important points.
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Tags: chat coincoin xml french
C#oinC#oin is a lightweight client for using online boards, usually associated with French free software websites.
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Modification of Bombus, midp mobile jabber client
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The Chatter bot is done Actionscript 3.0 and XML. It is working fine

The bot can understand the new nodes in the editable XML file. The bot converts the XML to multidimensional array. The bot can learn by adding new XML nodes or new arrays values

The bot can ask. It support video, images and sound. Use XML fields. I am sync a head 3D video and I want to use lipsync in the future for a talking version.

English, spanish, chinese and japanese code comments.

URL working:...

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Main GoalCodeIDE.com - is a website that helps building code in your Web Browser.

This service is for the people who want to start programming and for those, who want to remind previous experience.

On this site all people can run programs online and sometimes it's called as WebIDE

Supported languages for Now: Basic, Pascal, C/C++, JavaScript, Perl.

Languages that will be supported soon: Lisp, Java, Assembler, Ruby, Python

Additional ServicesSyntax Highlightin...

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Tags: sockets xml chat c
C# Chat Client using XML over sockets
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A chat server using a POX over sockets and a GTKmm frontend.
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foodborne illness is a dangerous illness/disease because when your not careful and you haven't cook your food all the way through you can get food Poisoning. but anyway foodborne illness is also consumed when the animal is at the stock house before butching.
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Tags: mmorpg chat guild xml web java
GuildLink Placeholder
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Generally, many people maybe use MSN Messenger in different places, such as home, office, and other places. it will result in a problem that multiply MSN chat histories are in difference places. It is good if these copies of MSN chats can be combined into one. But MSN Messenger doesn't support this function, So I program it myself. This tool is programming in C# using .NET framework 1.1 and .NET framework 2.0
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RAD Heart .NET Prototype
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Ramses is a realtime application messaging server. It allows various clients to connect to a server and send application messages between each other. It differs from other messaging solutions in that the messages are sent realtime and not queued.
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Tags: web-services xml chat
SendXMS — software for sending sms and mms through web-site of mobile operator.
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Tags: xml plugin jabber chat
Tessa is a cross-platform Jabber (XMPP) client, going with the idea that all parts should be implemented in modules/plugins.

It is written in C++ and Lua.

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Ubiety is an XMPP library written in C# to be extensible and easy to use.
Realtime Flash Server: XMLSocketd
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Tags: xml chat
XMLSocketd is a server written in C++ to be used with the ActionScript class XMLSocket for communication between Flashmovies.
Can be used for chats, whiteboards, etc in conjunction with any serverside script like PHP for authentication and room handling