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Unified OS X instant messaging platform
Kopete IM Client (KDE)
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Kopete is a flexible and extendable multiple protocol instant messaging system designed as a plugin-based system. All protocols are plugins and allow modular installation, configuration, and usage without the main application knowing anything about the plugin being loaded. The goal of Kopete is to provide users with a standard and easy to use interface between all of their instant messaging systems, but at the same time also providing developers with the ease of writing plugins to support a new ...
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A chat network to IRC gateway. Currently supports Jabber, MSN, OSCAR (AIM/ICQ) and Yahoo protocols.
Eclipse Communication Framework
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ECF is a framework for building communications functions into Eclipse-based tools and applications. It can be used to create other plugins, tools, or full applications that require asynchronous point-to-point or publish-and-subscribe messaging.

ECF is also a small set of applications for real-time developer communication, including instant messaging, file sharing, and real-time collaboration.

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CenterIM is a fork of CenterICQ, an ncurses-based IM client. It supports ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Gadu-Gadu, Live Journal, IRC, RSS and Jabber protocols
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Ayttm is an open source, multi-protocol instant messenger. It is built using C and Gtk-2 and works across multiple platforms.
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Java Instant Message (IM) Library, Client and Tools.

Flexible framework to design your own IM client or bots. Supports AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, SMS.

Fully functional GUI with spell checking and a lot more. Includes a web interface for remote/cell access.

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JMeeting is a next generation type of business or personal meeting. JMeeting will have audio, video and chat conferencing easily set up and viewable. JMeeting will be able to share and create presentations. During the meeting you can click present and it will present the presentation or document full screen to all users with a red laser to show important points.
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andtalk is an instant messenger for Google Phone in android platform. It will support for Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, XMPP and so on. It includes File transfer, media sharing, voicemail etc.