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Traditionally, chat clients on the Mac have been anything but glamorous. Colloquy is an advanced IRC, SILC & ICB client which aims to fill this void. By adhering to Mac OS X interface conventions, Colloquy has the look and feel of a quality Mac application.
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psyBNC is an easy-to-use, multi-user, permanent IRC Bouncer with many features. Some of its features include symmetric ciphering of talk and connections (Blowfish and IDEA) It supports SSL connections and compiles on Linux, FreeBSD, SunOs and Solaris.
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Tags: appenginee chatroom web
I use the google app engine to create such chatroom for my old friends in high school. This is also a practice of my web programming skill.
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Tags: chorum chatroom forum php
The descripion is coming folks.


cheers, leighmac

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Tags: fast chatroom chat latency low browser ajax comet
A chat room based on the concept of Comet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comet_(programming) for lower latency and less resource intensive browser and HTTP based chat.
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Tags: mysql php newgrounds room chat chatroom flash
I recently created a Flash chat room that was briefly put on the Newgrounds home page… before my server crashed!

I was using my laptop as the server, which quite frankly is annoying, because it slows down my entire OS and I have to boot into Ubuntu to run it sucks as a server. Trust me. So, I don't feel like hosting it again. It's just a nuisance for me.

And so... I am open-sourcing my chat engine. I am giving you all the opportunity to use and modify it, for whatever purpose you w...

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Tags: chatroom bot chat java
A chat bot for the hive workshop chatroom http://chat.hiveworkshop.com

The bot is made in Java and will run an official account at the hive (Lirch).

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Tags: socket chatroom java
Lobby TalkLobby talk online chat room is a java socket implement of online chatting room. In this project, a simple chatting room client and server protocol is defined and implemented to support request and reply between client and server. Architecture used in this project provides interface for other use and make it possible to apply or transform this into a B/S modeled chat room.

Issues report in Issues is welcome!

Discuss in Lobbytalk Offical Group is welcome!


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Tags: socket thread chatroom wxpython python
The program is implemented in Python programming language with Server-Client architecture. The default communication is group communication, which means the messages sent by every client is multicasted to every other clients. If one client want to chat with another client, it just needs to specify the client name in the message.
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Tags: chatroom web2.0
A Web 2.0 Chatroom
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Tags: chatroom chat im c
WDK 社区聊天系统示例
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Tags: free x7chat x7 chatroom chat ajax php
X7 Chat is a complete multiroom chat system written in PHP. Ajax is used for fast and lightweight server communication and the entire chat system is designed with performance in mind. The extensive admin panel gives complete control over every aspect of the chatroom.
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Yahoo! Messaging to Act as Bot, Chatroom, Unix Shell, and Text RPG Fight games.

It is designed to act like an IRC bot

make own chatroom that the room is a Yahoo ID!, so it will be well known.

With this Java Program you can control your server (mostly Unix/Linux) even without Public IP. (in private network).

Already Download the Binary ? - Unzip the 0.conf in yshell.jar At Unix/Linux, use #unzip yshell.jar 0.conf
- Edit The YahooID you want to be as a bo...

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Tags: mysql jsp 209chatroom xiyou chatroom 209


参与人员组长:明桂 组员:鹏程、王凯、孟新、李宇、张斌


版本控制Google Code SVN

模块划分总共分为4个模块,分别是 房间分类管理,公告管理,首页调用管理,用户权限管理


房间分类管理—— 公告管理—— 用户权限管理—— 首页调用管理——

统一开发环境开发环境为 Jdk 1.6 Tomcat 6.0 MySQL 6.0 MyEclipse? 6.0 统一 数据库用户名 root 密码 123

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Tags: ror rails push web chatroom
Chatlino is a ror chatroom application / plugin with the support to iPush push technology.