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The complete Shopping Cart / e-commerce Solution for Joomla!. It can also be used as a Catalogue. Its powerful Administration Tool can handle an unlimited number of Categories, Products, Orders, Customers, Payment Methods, Shipping Methods, Files. VirtueMart can be customized using Themes and extended using your own modules and pages.
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Midgard is an Open Source persistent storage framework. It provides an object-oriented and replicated environment for building data-intensive applications.

Midgard also ships with MidCOM content management system built on the Midgard framework. MidCOM's features include web-based authoring WYSIWYG interfaces and a component interface for installing additional web functionalities.

Midgard is built on the GNOME stack of libraries like GLib and libgda...

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Pulse is a lightweight framework on top of the servlet api providing easy to use and easy to extend patterns for creating browser based applications and websites. Moreover Pulse delivers a set of out-of-the-box components, e.g. CMS, shopping, user management.

Key features:
* Cross-platform, implemented using Java technology.
* Completely written using Java 5.
* Provides a framework for quick development of own applications.

Virtual Object System (VOS)
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VOS is a library and network protocol for interlinked object structures, which can be easily distributed over networks. Notifications of changes are automatically sent to other applications/clients. VOS simplifies concurrent asynchronous programming, both within the same process or distributed over the network. Revision control (versions), access control, and other important features are built in. VOS object messaging also allows access from multiple languages.

VOS forms the basis for...

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Full-integrated Python Framework for Web-Applications and Portals.
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MyCoRe is a general framework for creating content repositories, mainly intended for digital archives or libraries, usually for universities. It is jointly developed by several German universities.
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General: The openLibrary (openphplibrary because of double named ^^) is a PHP management software for items such as book, but it can be used for everything else too. The idea behind is to have a management software witch coordinate the wandering of the items, because there is no central library storrage and no one who check in and out the items from there. The system coordinates the handover of the book from one to the other person and gives space for issue handling and manage a trust level, new...
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Un framework en PHP escrito en español.
A PHP framework in spanish.
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Neewee theme and Wordpress Blog Tools is a project aiming at making the Wordpress Platform a better CMS-tool.


Admin Interface Blueprint CSS jQuery FeedBurner Stats Support FeedBurner E-mail Subscription Support FeedBurner RSS Subscription Support Google Analytics Support Featured Category Support i18n Support, English (en_US) and Swedish (sv_SE) supported 3 Color Themes Blue, Black and Orange jQuery UI integrated


Templating Engine Navigation Configurat...

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OpenEdit is a JAVA based, open source software used to build powerful, yet lightweight web applications. Licensed under a royalty free, perpetual and transferable GNU LGPL license, Open source provides freedom on setting up your systems as you wish and freedom in the long term.

OpenEdit Digital Asset Management with Content Management was built using OpenEdit Framework.

Over the years, OpenEdit has been refined and implemented for numerous web application projects, mostly used in en...

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Tags: class library cms php
A more in depth description will be added in the future
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Tags: cms gallery blog web library
I'm currently use this library in my blog and other services (but with previous versions).
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Tags: pycms cms library
Shuge is a open & free digital library system.


获取源代码最新版本svn checkout http://shuge.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ shuge-read-onlyShuge目前处于活跃开发状态,功能特性既不丰富,也不稳定。

运行需求 >= python 2.5

下载并安装 yuki 到 $HOME/shuge_desktop

wget http://shuge.googlecode.com/files/desktop-20090508.7z && 7z x desktop-20090508.7z -o$HOME/shuge_desktopecho export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/shuge_desktop/desktop/bin/ >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc更新 Lee Tree

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This library gives the developer the ability to load templates into smarty within modules that can be run from the browser url form

Currently it loads a configuration file that finds out whether to load the rest of the configuration from a template configuration file or from the database. This way you can store your template pointers in the database and from admin section modify the file on file system. Modules can also have method as per current Modular Extension 4.0.19 and up. In smart...

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An open source resource manager for all kind of purposes: library, university department, business, foundation,... This project will try to have the best of a CMS and an ERP. The idea is to provide a kernel where components and modules will do the tasks.

This project is pure OOP and is based in the upcoming version, still in development, of the great CMS: Joomla! 1.5

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Tags: library cms plugin framework php pear
Congif is collection of small add-ons for php-pear.

User Auth & Management Content management MDB2 shortcuts Session management IMAP & SMTP Process Turkish Language improvements (date, order etc) and Some HTML Improvements (like forms, navigations)

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engineX Web Framework

engineX is an architecture of re-usable components, web services and interfaces.

Ready-to-implement engineX modules include:
- Website prototypes and build frameworks
- Authentication and registration
- Error handling and reporting
- Performance monitoring
- Content management
- Blogging and communities

engineX modules are built using .Net 2.0

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Tags: cms backend library php
entropylibrary is an open-source library of php scripts designed to be modified as customizeable backends to php websites.