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Coco/R for Visual Studio
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Tags: tool custom compiler framework compact generation code
Coco/R plugin for Visual Studio. Automatically generate Scanner and Parser for the given Coco/R attributed grammar file (.atg) when it is saved. Also includes Item Template for Coco/R attributed grammar.
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Tags: tool ast lexer parser grammar syntax codegenerator compiler
Cocuyo es un framework que facilita el desarrollo de software utilizando lenguajes de dominio específico (DSL), puesto que brinda un conjunto de herramientas, librerias y lenguajes que permiten la creación de compiladores e intérpretes, la comunicación entre lenguajes y la generación de documentos de texto.
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Tags: tool parser compiler ll1
Project includes

Hand-made LL1 syntax checker + lexan Hand-made LL1 parse table generation tool. Takes raw grammar as input (production terminals and non-terminals are represented as words of any length)

and a bunch of testdriven.net compatible tests.