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Tags: lib selectors css3 css c#
Based on the HTML Agility Pack parser, this engine will select elements from an HTML page based on a CSS selector. There are 70 unit tests - see below for more information. The tests are based on the jQuery selector engine tests. At this time, the library is ALPHA quality, as I would like to improved the tests by improving the test data.

Contributions for refactoring, improved tests, and increased selector support would be welcome.

Introductory blog post: http://colinramsay.co.uk/...

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Tags: css javascript html c# compressor
Javascript/CSS/HTML 自动批量处理工具,精简代码,去除注释
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Tags: ajax css web2.0 .net c c# xsl
Description Coming Soon!
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Flowered is an interactive web-based art project.
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CSS Builder is a very simple control that is aimed for developers who are designing editors and want that the users of their editor should be able to create custom styles on the fly and they should do it using CSS. The UI can read CSS and generate CSS based on users' selections. It was created because there were no open source CSS generation related controls available at the time of its writing and aims to be the definitive source where developers go to when they need a control for doing what it...
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Tags: css c#
CSS Inspector will be a tool for the PC like Xyle Scope is for the Mac
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Tags: ektron sifr css xhtml .net2.0 web c#
Ektron and .net based website
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NiftyDotNet is an ASP.NET control, written in C#, that allows to round web elements (i.e. divs) easily.

It wraps the excellent javascript library Nifty Corners Cube in order to make easier its use for .Net developers.

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Tags: paython css javascript c#
to build up a software with that your can show others ways with marked pictures.
Publech open source
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Publech is a popular content management system based on Microsoft .NET 3.5 technology and is meant to be an open source code, free for developpers to develop and contribute with ideas and expertise.
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Tags: xaml css f# c# html
CSS Sprite creator. Add a bunch of images and it will create the single sprite map image, the CSS and HTML markup to view the sprites in a web page.
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Stack's Frame is a set of software for managing a laptop behind a picture frame.

frame-admin is a web application which allows you manage photo albums on the laptop.

frame-display is a linux application which randomly displays photos in your photo albums

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Contains all of the source code of tjrobinson.net which I plan to develop using ASP.NET MVC and C#
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Tags: css jquery mvc c# net
travilis is a .net based web project.