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Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of web development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.
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jQuery is a fast, concise, JavaScript library that simplifies how you traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax interactions to your Web pages.

It is not a huge, bloated framework promising the best in AJAX, nor is it just a set of needlessly complex enhancements. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.

"You start with 10 lines of jQuery that would have been 20 lines of tedious DOM JavaScript. By the time you are done it's do...

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Dojo is a modular JavaScript toolkit that makes building richer web UI's much easier.

Dojo builds on a fast, lightweight base that provides a competitive set of features (DOM traversal, AJAX, animations, event handling) at the same size as many of the alternative "lightweight" toolkits.

On top of that base Dojo provides easy access to an extensive collection of optional modules, including a widget framework that focuses on accessibility a...

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Ajax with style.

Framework that enables ajax on web pages with kss (css-like resources).

No need of Javacript knowledge to use it.

Included in Plone since 3.0

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phpQuery is a server-side, chainable, CSS3 selector driven Document Object Model (DOM) API based on jQuery JavaScript Library. Two interfaces are provided - Object Oriented PHP and Command Line Interface (CLI).
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JSL is a javascipt library that is greatly influenced by jQuery. Features(apart from the standard stuff) include...

* Chainability
* CSS 3 Selectors
* Lots of shortcut - to make you your code smaller and more unreadable
* Special handlers for Arrays, Numbers
* Extra Plugins for Unit Testing and Debugging

js-core JavaScript framework
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Tags: web javascript dom css ajax
js-core is a fast and lightweight Javascript framework. Cross-browser and easy to learn.
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QueryTemplates - rapid multilanguage template generator

PHP based templating engine converting pure markup sources (HTML, XML, XHTML) into native PHP and JavaScript template files.

Library uses popular web 2.0 pattern load-traverse-modify thou jQuery like chainable API and provides developer several rapid template filling methods.

Using QueryTemplates developer is independent from designer. He loads pure markup HTML/XML file(s), traverses using CSS selectors and modifies it,...

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ShaniXmlParser is a small and fast Xml/Html DOM/SAX non validating parser written in java. It can parse not well formed xml files. It also parses DTD, ENTITIES, CSS.

Use DOM,SAX,JAXP interfaces.

It passes DOM1/2/3 validations suites

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SimpleModal is a lightweight jQuery plugin that provides a simple interface to create a modal dialog.

The goal of SimpleModal is to provide developers with a cross-browser overlay and container that will be populated with content provided to SimpleModal.

See http://www.ericmmartin.com/projects/simplemodal for more details.

On Twitter: http://twitter.com/simplemodal

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OverviewThis is a group project. The project should be exclusively the collaborative result of work by members of the team. The main task of this project is to implement a Weather Map mashup.

The program will get current weather data on the form of an XML data file from the Bureau of Meteorology website for an Australian state.

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jQuery is a fast, concise, JavaScript Library that simplifies how you traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax interactions to your web pages. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.
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pirate! attempts to solve several major problems in the world of JavaScript development.

1. Various libraries redoing the work of others to solve the same problem.
2. Namespace collision.
3. Bloated code.
4. Broken interaction of different libraries.

pirate! solves these problems by existing as the wrapper around which JavaScript libraries should be developed. pirate! is the library for people developing libraries.

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4query (codenamed) is a JavaScript framework derived from jQuery. The aim is to provide jQuery with a cleaner API and more open stance towards things that could enhance the framework. As well as an extended core set of optional modules rather than promoting widespread segregated plugins.
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Tags: ajax dom css framework javascript alpha
alpha is a high performance chainable subclass of Array for querying and manipulating the DOM. This library tries to innovate in many areas, including but not limited to its onDOMReady method, browser detection and CSS3-style element selection. If you are familiar with jQuery's syntax, you should feel right at home using alpha.

Update: due to some developments in the area of Array subclassing alpha will be completely rewritten to take advantage of these new speed and compatibility improve...

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библиотека javascript+html


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Cannonball is a project akin to Webkit for ActionScript 3.0. It is an implementation of the DOM Level 3, HTML and CSS3 core specifications for ActionScript 3.0.

The CSS package is the most complete and provides:

support for many of the CSS3 selectors, based on The Simple API for CSS an API for exposing any object as a CSS-stylable node style cascading with respect to document origin, selector specificity, and declaration priority (!imporant) You can explore the CSS selector engine...

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This project will focus on developing user interface widgets with MooTools JS library. There isn't a theme for the whole library, it built for using in your application by your specific design.
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This project has moved. It is now part of the Cannonball project.
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