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InStyle CSS Editing Assistant
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Tags: design css tool
InStyle is a tool that you use when working with CSS. It allows you to apply styles to existing web pages without the need to modify the source for that page, so that you can quickly see what the page would look like if you would apply your custom styles to the page. Together with the IE Developer Toolbar, InStyle is a real must have for anybody who is working with CSS.
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Takes a Java or XML/HTML source code and emit HTML with syntax highlighted code. Useful for java bloggers.

Supports css for custom coloring / skinning.

This project takes some ideas on the parsing algorithm from Java2Html.de (see links) that is released under GPL or CPL, but it has been written anew.

This project is released under Apache License 2.0

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Silk Set is a set of icons perfectly integrated with the CSS framework BluePrint. This plugin includes various stylesheets, and it is thought to increase performances and reduce development time.

I've been storing for years the same icon sets in my HD (flags, smileys, bullets, etc.) Now, they are all integrated and ready for use in this plugin. Not any more I've to look for them and copy files from one project to another. I've only to import the proper file from my BluePrint installation...

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Tags: tool css snippets bundles intype
Intype CSS Toolkit bundleSome improvements of intype css-bundle and snippets for more handy use.

A lot of code pieces are repeating from file to file or even in the same file. A lot of time is lost for writing them. More attention is given to writing code instead of thinking on it.

It's time for changes. Often used long constructions are changed to more compact and easy-to-remember snippets.