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MySQL, the most popular Open Source SQL database management system, is developed, distributed, and supported by Sun Microsystems.
PostgreSQL Database Server
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PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source relational database system. It has more than 15 years of active development and a proven architecture that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness. It runs on all major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX (AIX, BSD, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, Mac OS X, Solaris, Tru64), and Windows.
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Tags: database relational sqlite sql embedded database-server
SQLite is a small C library that implements a self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database engine. Implements most of SQL92 and ACID (atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable) transactions; no setup or administration needed.
HSQL Database Engine
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hsqldb is a relational database engine written in Java with a JDBC driver that supports a subset of ANSI SQL:1999. It offers a small, fast database engine. Embedded and server modes are available. It includes tools such as a minimal Web server, in-memory query and management tools (which can be run as applets or servlets, too), a test framework, PHP compatibility, Eclipse and NetBeans IDE compatibility, and a number of demonstration examples.
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KOffice is a free, integrated office suite for KDE, the K Desktop Environment. KOffice applications uses OpenDocument as their native file format when possible. The suite is released separately from KDE.

The KOffice suite includes the following applications:
- KWord - A frame-based word processor
- KSpread - A powerful spreadsheet application
- KPresenter - A full-featured presentation program
- Kexi - An environment for creating data...

Apache Derby
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Tags: database database-server sql jdbc embedded derby
Apache Derby, an Apache DB subproject, is a relational database implemented entirely in Java. Some key advantages include a small footprint ( about 2 megabytes for the base engine and embedded JDBC driver) and being based on the Java, JDBC, and SQL standards.

Derby provides an embedded JDBC driver that lets you embed Derby in any Java-based solution. It also supports the more familiar client/server mode with the Derby Network Client JDBC driver and Derby Network Server. Derby is easy to in...

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Firebird is a relational database offering many ANSI SQL standard features that runs on Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms. Firebird offers excellent concurrency, high performance, and powerful language support for stored procedures and triggers. It has been used in production systems, under a variety of names, since 1981.

Firebird is a commercially independent project of C and C++ programmers, technical advisors and supporters developing and enhancing a multi-platform relatio...

H2 Database Engine
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H2 is an SQL database engine written in Java. It is very fast and small (about 1 MB), and supports embedded, server, and clustering modes. A browser based console application is included. Disk based and in-memory tables and databases are supported.

Some of its features are transactions isolation, multi-version concurrency (MVCC), table level locking, encrypted databases, fulltext search,
and strong security.

The main API is JDBC, however ODBC and others are also suppo...

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db4o is an object database available for Java and for .NET, including CompactFramework and Mono. Features include ACID transactions, automatic class schema recognition, Native Queries, query-by-example, S.O.D.A. object querying API, callback methods, memory files, cascade-on-delete and cascade-on-update. db4o runs in embedded local mode and in multi-transactional client/server mode.
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eXist is a native XML database featuring efficient, index-based XPath query processing, extensions for keyword search, XUpdate support, and tight integration with existing XML development tools. The database is lightweight and may be easily deployed in a number of ways, running either as a stand-alone server process, inside a servlet engine, or directly embedded into an application.
Apache Xindice
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Apache Xindice is a database designed from the ground up to store XML data or what is more commonly referred to as a native XML database.
OxygenOffice Professional
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OxygenOffice Professional is a free and open source enhancement of official OpenOffice.org. The OxygenOffice Professional Team has modified the source of OpenOffice.org and bundled lot of extras with it. Here are just a few of the extras you get with OxygenOffice Professional: More than 3,400 graphics are included, both clip art and photos. These pictures are integrated into the gallery and can easily be placed into any OxygenOffice document.Several templates and sample documents are included, a...
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HiveDB is an open source framework for horizontally partitioning MySQL systems. HiveDB uses a partition-by-key scheme to manage sharded data stored in separate MySQL databases. Out of the box HiveDB supports simple JDBC or HIbernate via HIbernate Shards.
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Sedna is an open source XML database management system. It is a XML-native system developed from scratch in C/C++ and Scheme. Sedna is a full-featured database system that supports queries, updates, ACID transactions, security, etc. Sedna is designed to be fast, reliable and easy-to-use for production-grade applications. Sedna is developed by MODIS team at ISP RAS
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Tags: java database database-server embedded engine persistance
hamsterdb is a database engine written in ANSI C. It supports a B+Tree index structure, uses memory mapped I/O (if available), supports cursors, duplicate keys and can create in-memory databases. Wrappers for .NET, Java and Python are available.
Ingres Ruby Driver
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Ruby is an interpreted scripting language for object-oriented programming which is open source and free. Like Perl, it has excellent support for text files. It runs on multiple platforms including Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac OS.
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Tags: database database-server java embedded
JDBM is a transactional persistence engine for Java. It aims to be for Java what GDBM is for other languages (C/C++, Python, Perl, etc.): a fast, simple persistence engine. You can use it to store a mix of objects and BLOBs, and all updates are done in a transactionally safe manner. JDBM also provides scalable data structures, such as HTree and B+Tree, to support persistence of large object collections.
Orient ODBMS
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Orient is a true ODBMS (Object Data Base Management System). It can store and retrieve objects to database without any conversion. With Orient you don't write a line of code to persist objects. The application will be much faster and the development process strongly reduced: from 50% to 80% less code.

Orient supports:
- Java using Sun JDO technology
- C++ using ODMG 3.0 worldwide standard
- SQL-92 subset with extension for objects to query the ...

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Tags: database-server database c++
Purple is an in memory database that stores any ruby object without class modifications.
Purple saves by reachability and can load lazily while providing proper transactions.
In memory means fast, 2Mb or 500
transactions per second possible.
Ingres OpenROAD Empire
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Ingres OpenROAD is a rapid application development and flexible deployment solution. With Ingres OpenROAD, developers can quickly build and deploy sophisticated high performance and high availability business applications on a variety of platforms, accessing a broad range of data sources.

Empire stands stands for the Enhanced Multi-Platform Interpreted Runtime Engine and is the open source version of the commercial OpenROAD Development product. Empire provides open source developers with ...