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Flying Saucer
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Flying Saucer is a strict XHTML/XML renderer written in 100% Java (no native browser hooks), for embedding in a variety of applications (chat programs, mp3 players, web services clients, etc). It aims to provide strict and *full* webstandard compliance for XHTML with CSS 2.1 styling. Input is well-formed XML and styling/layout is done with CSS. Output is PDF, Swing panel (for interactive use), image files, and SWT support is being developed.

As of the current release, R7, the library sho...

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Blogg-X is a cross platform (OS X, Windows XP, Linux) content management tool for websites based on the Joomla! CMS. Blogg-X runs locally on your computer as a desktop application. Utilizing built in WYSIWYG and HTML source editors you can post rich content on your Joomla! site without the use of the web browser.
Comet Desktop
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Comet Desktop is an open source web desktop forked from Qwikioffice v0.7 (heavily modified)

Comet Desktop's goal is to be a web desktop that everyone can use, and an application framework that will allow developers to build anything they can dream of.

One major difference is that Comet Desktop's back-end has been rewritten entirely in Perl.

* Built in task bar tray (right hand side)
* Sound Manager and volume control

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Rhizosphere is an innovative approach to help you navigate and filter through your data. Lightweight, web-based, intuitive, its purpose is to provide a simple but effective way to flow through your data, isolate them, filter them and help you locate that information that you know it's there, but it's lost amidst the noise.

100% pure HTML and JS, no Flash, no Java, no Silverlight, no plugins. You just need your browser.

The Rhizosphere project focuses both on traditional and innov...

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Solstice has evolved into Middix, a javascript based webOS. If you are interested in taking over Solstice, please join the project.SummarySolstice is a flash based 'Web OS', which is designed to give you an online desktop when you're not at your computer. It's compatible with Flash Player 7, and the Nintendo Wii.

Stuff NeededContributors are needed to build: MP3 Player Text Editor Web Browser Image Viewer These MUST be made in flash.


Todo List


Textile Desktop
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Tags: textile document tool desktop tools 2-0 c# wiki html
A desktop application for working with XHTML documents using the Textile semantics developed by Dean Allen and the C# Textile library built by L. Abdul Baan (lordabdul).
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Tags: desktop homepage gadgets html javascript xml
A user selects comics, and they are able to cycle through a set of the 3 latest strips from each selected comic.
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Tags: javascript html php widget air adobe desktop pingfm
Lets you send posts to ping.fm right from your desktop using an adobe air widget on your computer. Works with Mac, Linux, and Windows !!!
Pyjamas Desktop
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Pyjamas Desktop is a comprehensive and easy-to-use python widget set API and framework, similar to PyQt4 and PyGtk2. As it is based on Webkit, it provides not only a desktop widget set but also supports full HTML syntax, full CSS stylesheet properties, NPAPI-compliant plugins such as Adobe Flash and Java, and even allows for the execution of Javascript, to manipulate the DOM model of the screen.
Pyjamas Desktop is a port of Pyjamas to the desktop, which is itself a port of Google'...