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Cobbler is a Linux installation server that allows for rapid setup of network installation environments.

With a simple series of commands, network installs can be configured for PXE, reinstallations, media-based net-installs, and virtualized installs (supporting Xen, qemu, KVM, and VMware Server). Cobbler uses a helper program called 'koan' (which interacts with Cobbler) for reinstallation and virtualization support.

Cobbler can also optionally help with managing DHCP, DNS, power, co...

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Vyatta software is a Linux-based, open networking (advanced routing & security) solution that leverages x86 hardware and components to deliver a flexible, affordable alternative to Cisco 1800 through 7200 series routers. Vyatta is a enterprise class, commercial open source offering that can deliver BGP, OSPF, RIP routing, firewall, IPSec and SSL VPN, Intrusion Prevention and more that can scale from the branch office to the service provider edge for a fraction of the cost of proprietary alt...
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Enomalism is an open source web-based virtual infrastructure platform. Designed to answer the complexity of managing globally disperse virtual server environments. Enomalism helps to automate the transition to a virtualized environment by reducing an IT organizations overall workload. The easy to use dashboard can help with issues including deployment planning, load balancing, automatic VM migration, configuration management, and capacity diagnosis.

Enomalism virtual infrastructure is a dy...