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Apache HTTP Server
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The Apache HTTP Server Project is a collaborative software development effort aimed at creating a robust, commercial-grade, featureful, and freely-available source code implementation of an HTTP (Web) server. The project is jointly managed by a group of volunteers located around the world, using the Internet and the Web to communicate, plan, and develop the server and its related documentation. This project is part of the Apache Software Foundation. In addition, hundreds of users have contribute...
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Apache Tomcat is the servlet container that is used in the official Reference Implementation for the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies.
Jetty - Java HTTP Servlet Server
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Jetty is an Open Source HTTP Servlet Server written in Java. It is a full featured HTTP/1.1 server and a Servlet container. It is designed to be small, fast, embeddable and extensible. It supports HTTP/1.1, servlets 2.5, and JSP 2.1.
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Tags: aolserver tcl webserver aol programming web xml dynamic-content http-server
AOLserver is a multithreaded, Tcl-enabled, massively scalable and extensible Web server tuned for large scale, dynamic Web sites. It includes complete database integration, dynamic page scripting, and an open, extensible architecture.
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Tags: rxml modular webserver httpd dynamic-content html http-server web http database server https intranet pike xml
A webserver with exceptional support to run native applications in RXML. The webserver is implemented in Pike.
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Tags: database fastcgi http-server httpd web pike rxml http https dynamic-content easy
Caudium is the name of a GPL-ed (free for commercial and personal use) web server written in Pike and in C. It is originally based on the Roxen Challenger 1.3 code base.
It is an attractive alternative to servers like Apache, Netscape® and Zeus® due to its strength in dynamic page and data generation, modularity and more.
The Caudium Project runs also an IRC network, has created a GPL webmail called CAMAS and has an ever-growing community of developers and users worl...
SPYCE - Python Server Pages
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SPYCE is a server-side language that supports simple and efficient Python-based dynamic HTML generation, otherwise called Python Server Pages. Those who like Python and are familiar with JSP, PHP, or ASP should have a look at Spyce. Its modular design makes it very flexible and extensible. It can also be used as a command-line utility for static text pre-processing or as a Web-server proxy.
Xoopserver Portable Wamp
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XOOPServer is a portable Windows Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin with required extensions to run and test locally XOOPS Cube Legacy Distributions (modular content management system).
Xoopserver - Portable WAMP environment for XOOPS Cube
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Tags: ruby development dynamic-content http-server http www
cerise is a Ruby web/application server following the same general pattern as J2EE application servers. Intended to be very flexible, elegant and provide a developer friendly environment for building web applications.
Luxor XUL
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Tags: java development browser dynamic-content http-server xul
Luxor is an open-source XML UI Language (XUL) toolkit in Java that lets you build UIs using XML and includes a web server, a portal engine (supporting RSS), a template engine (Velocity), a scripting interpreter (Python) and more.