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Tags: gelato tumble ajax tumblr mysql php engine cms tumblelog
A tumblelog CMS built on AJAX, PHP and MySQL.

Go to the Gelato CMS homepage

Ajaxna - C# .NET & Javascript API
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Tags: gamedev ajaxna controls .net browser engine 3d ajax
Ajaxna is a javascript API enabling 3D games for the web, without using plugins.

This programming framework targets Visual Studio 2008, follows an XNA inspired API, is implemented as a C# ASP.NET control and is built around dynamic client class (lazy) loading and intellisense.

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"Chiwawa" is a web-based on search engine.

It supports two Client UI, text(ajax) and silverLight.

The requirements to install chiwawa on server are APM (apache, php, mysql) and JVM.

This project has started since Jan, 2008 at SWSSM (Suwon Samsung Software Member, Korea)

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The Engage Engine is an Open Source PHP engine built to allow fast and easy development of Web 2.0 applications and sites. The Engage Engine incorporates a MV-P (Modules and Views extended by Plugins) framework allowing the ability to build an application by mixing different MV-P extension sets to create customized sites.
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Tags: apache ajax php warehouse engine web2.0
the simplest blog web engine
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Gradalis manages all that concerns quests and missions in your video game project.

Gradalis provides a framework which may be integrated into your application architecture.

It's fully customizable according to your needs, your data, your world. Some typical patterns will be provided (eg. medieval-RPG pack, arcade-game pack, and later, project-management pack, ...)

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Tags: gaming ajax engine php diametric isopix
TechnoSamurai is a webbased game utilizing a generated worldmap, and new web technologies.

The php-gd libraries are required to test this.


TechnoSamurai utilizes the Isopix library, a PHP Isometric Image Generation engine, released under the GNU General Public Licence (v2.0) maintained by Peter Corcoran and David Kendal with help from Joe Love and Figlesquidge.
Thanks to Peter for recommendation of this!


TechnoSamurai is projected to utilize the ...

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Template Blocks is a visual template engine, replacing any semantics of previous generation engines with an AJAX interface.

This Web 2.0 template engine can wrap around any CMS, blog or other online application, separating the template creation from the content once and for all.

With Template Blocks you can visualize your template structure, and customize the layouts simply by dragging objects on screen.

Through its simplified interface you will be up and running in minute...

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Tags: ajax php cms engine workspaceat workspace
Workspace@ Engine - New generation of intelligent content management systemW@E is new CMS system, built on my past work with other CMS systems. On this project I'm working for now over 1 year. ( Documentation, design and rest of things take me over 9 months. ) With this system, I'm trying to eliminate all things that I consider "it can be better" + with a few ( approx. 80 ) new things which I didn't saw on net for now ( or I'm blind lol ). That 80 things you'll not be able to see until I finish ...
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zetQuery is a project for building an ajax rich interface for the Zettair Search Engine, using jQuery. Perl scripts cement the JavaScript Web interface with the Zettair application (C binary file).