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LifeType is an open-source blogging platform with support for multiple blogs and users in a single installation.
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Chameleon is a free, easy-to-use and highly extensible blogging platform. Using Chameleon, you can easily publish a wide range of different types of content, ranging from blog post to recipes, and from podcasts to photos. Chameleon is focused on providing you both customizability and extensibility, so your blog becomes personal again.
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EngineAcruti is a collection of PHP classes organised to work as a Content management system. It picks up its foundations from MVC architectures such as Rails.

The idea is to develop a set of classes that will help us develop quick web applications. It is not a CMS like joomla where knowledge of HTML to PHP is not required. This is an internal project for Acruti Labs and we a generous enough to share it to the world with a hope of inputs.

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Tags: neoaxis publicdomain c# game engine content free unrestricted
We aim to bring new content and modular components for users of NeoAxis engine.

The team uses Collanos exclusively for communication and organizing everything. If you plan to join us, download it and send an email to Risto.Paasivirta@gmail.com / SodanKerjuu@gmail.com