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MySQL, the most popular Open Source SQL database management system, is developed, distributed, and supported by Sun Microsystems.
PostgreSQL Database Server
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PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source relational database system. It has more than 15 years of active development and a proven architecture that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness. It runs on all major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX (AIX, BSD, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, Mac OS X, Solaris, Tru64), and Windows.
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Tags: bsd osx lamp posix database mysql engine sql linux innodb solaris
A database designed for the typical Web usage patterns for a database. It is being designed for massive concurrency on modern multi-cpu/core architecture. The code is originally derived from MySQL.
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Tags: java database database-server embedded engine persistance
hamsterdb is a database engine written in ANSI C. It supports a B+Tree index structure, uses memory mapped I/O (if available), supports cursors, duplicate keys and can create in-memory databases. Wrappers for .NET, Java and Python are available.
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Chameleon is a free, easy-to-use and highly extensible blogging platform. Using Chameleon, you can easily publish a wide range of different types of content, ranging from blog post to recipes, and from podcasts to photos. Chameleon is focused on providing you both customizability and extensibility, so your blog becomes personal again.
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The main goal of the project is to create a generic system storing various metrics collections used for performance and availability monitoring purposes. The system also provides a set of data-mining algorithms useful for performance analysis.

To read more about main goals and project requirements go to Allmon Wiki.

Modules and data live cycle:

Collector(*) (Metrics data acquisition, Extraction and Transformation) Loader(*) (Loading data to the database, Aggregating data) M...

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Welcome to KontrollbaseAn Enterprise Class MySQL Monitoring and Analytics ApplicationA monitoring system that is specificly designed for MySQL servers from the ground up. We aren't wasting time trying to be everything for everyone - there are no checks for Cisco or OSX or Windows here. Features in depth analysis and performance tuning recommendations for your servers. A large range of performance graphs for historical data analysis and data correlation. A large range of alerts so you are always ...
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Tags: php java silverlight ajax web database engine search chiwawa
"Chiwawa" is a web-based on search engine.

It supports two Client UI, text(ajax) and silverLight.

The requirements to install chiwawa on server are APM (apache, php, mysql) and JVM.

This project has started since Jan, 2008 at SWSSM (Suwon Samsung Software Member, Korea)

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Tags: sets relational hierarchies tagging engine database
D_store is an alternative database alike storage library. It is very good at tagging, live searching, hierarchies and any other kind of relationships that your data has. Its primary goal is an enabler for applications like iTunes; lots of related data to be explored and manipulated by the user, with live search fields, and still fast with lots of items.

D_store works like a programatic spreadsheet: there are rows and rows store values in columns (called fields in d_store). D_store stores ...

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An open-source, completely OOP MMO engine.

Included are Editors(C#) , Client (C#/Lua) and the highly scalable server , Celestial (Java and MySQL)

SharpClaw SQL Database Server
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Tags: engine database sql
SharpClaw is a SQL compliant database written in C# which is currently in a "pre-alpha" stage of development. It's already a somewhat large project (about 50 classes), but will end up being huge by the time it's completed. If you are interested in contributing to the project, please contact me.

This project was originally released by “Matt Sieber”, however he has disappeared and has not surfaced in several years and I do not want to see his work left uncompleted (that and I think this wo...