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jMonkeyEngine provides a high performance, scenegraph based rendering and physics system.
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Fire Off is an action game. It is basically a "3D shooter" in which the player sees a map from above (top-down) and controls a character who is charged with shooting everything. The character has a large number of weapons: Guns, missiles, machine guns, and so on, and must be going through some ground to meet the different missions, including rescuing someone, or destroy any artifact or anything typical of the Rambo-style movies.

The game definitely has a good deal of action and therefore ...

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The Homura project is Java-based and consists of a game engine extension library and game development IDE (known as the Homura library and Homura IDE) which extends the functionality of existing libraries and provides an integrated editor for game content creation, asset management, and code development. In addition, the Homura library provides a standardised framework with web-based export functionality (webstart, etc.) and ease development issues by providing a standardised approach. This proj...
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Java Game FrameworkJGF is a game development framework for Java. It handles common tasks related to game development, in order to ease and speed up game development.

JGF lets you focus in the actual game, while it takes care of common game functionality like loading, console, settings, debugging tools... (see Features). You can also extend, rewrite or reuse the existing functionality to suit your needs.

With JGF you still need to design and develop your game yourself! You have comp...