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The main goal of the project is to create a generic system storing various metrics collections used for performance and availability monitoring purposes. The system also provides a set of data-mining algorithms useful for performance analysis.

To read more about main goals and project requirements go to Allmon Wiki.

Modules and data live cycle:

Collector(*) (Metrics data acquisition, Extraction and Transformation) Loader(*) (Loading data to the database, Aggregating data) M...

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Welcome to KontrollbaseAn Enterprise Class MySQL Monitoring and Analytics ApplicationA monitoring system that is specificly designed for MySQL servers from the ground up. We aren't wasting time trying to be everything for everyone - there are no checks for Cisco or OSX or Windows here. Features in depth analysis and performance tuning recommendations for your servers. A large range of performance graphs for historical data analysis and data correlation. A large range of alerts so you are always ...
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Tags: java engine eventmanagement monitoring
This engine has originally been written to monitor Unix log files to detect intrusion attempts and prevent clients to continue guessing password or attempting exploiting the exposed services.

Library jar provided by this project are a framework (base class that you can extend) for implementing your own monitoring engine.

Also some example runnable applications are provided.

It can monitor resources (files, urls, etc) and based on events on that resources trigger some actio...