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PHPTAL is a PHP implementation of ZPT work. To be short, PHPTAL is a XML/XHTML template library for PHP.

While most web developpers continue to use ASP/JSP/PHP tags as the core language of their templates, the Zope community came with a refreshing idea named TAL. The idea was to move presentation actions inside XHTML attributes instead of using plain tags or elements.

H2O Template engine
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H2O is a template engine written in PHP, human friendly syntax and interface.


1. High readability, Natural syntax, Clean separation between logic, presentation and presentation logic
2. Template inheritance, Tags, Filters lead you to reusable code
3. Powerful extension architecture, able to extend features on runtime by filters/tags
4. Compile h2o template into native PHP code
5. H2O has very modular desi...

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Tags: compiling engine php5 php template compiler
Outline is a template engine for php.

Unlike other template engines, Outline is fast and light by design - rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, this engine tries to leverage the power of the template engine you already know: php.

Outline implements a practical, familiar template syntax, in about 1000 lines of code, giving you close to all of the functionality found in major template engines such as Smarty, Template Lite or Savant.

Many commands have a considerably shorter ...

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Tags: smarty mvc view php5 engine template php
Templum - promising template engine for php programmers and template coders.

NEWS9 June 2009. We start develop new, full rewrited version of Templum. Many features wait to develop 9 June 2009 Released Templum 0.9 final. See: news and announcements for details. DocumentationAvailable english and russian translations of wiki documentation.

Example of codeExample of Templum code (simple html template).

{if ($loged)}
Log out

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Powerful and easy to use Template-Engine.
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Tags: mysql apache php5 5 engine framework php
This a engine for PHP code. This use to implements scripts and clases with some rules.

The proyect are in spanish.

--ESPAÑOL-- FWok es un núcleo que aporta extensibilidad y facilidad a la hora de implementar nuestro código gracias a la implementación mediante reglas. Es un motor simple pero que puede llegar a ser todo lo ilimitado que nuestra mente quiera/pueda imaginar.

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Tags: php5 engine web framework oxide php
Hoping for Alpha 2 release on August

Attempt to create a simple, flexible and powerful php web application engine. Implementing some of the most widely used software engineering techniques and design patterns, making the engine very versatile for any kind of web application and for any size of business.

phpoxide will provide both GUI and coding API for writing and customizing each application to make it unique for individual needs. Aimed to keep minimum requirement, namely php 5....

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Tags: engine template php5
Rbns is php based template compilator. Main features is: xml like syntax of template, versions of template, object oriented