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2d 3d animation api bones c++ clanlib control cross-platform development dynamic extensible framework game gamedev game-development game-engine graphics java kinematics library linux mac multi-platform opengl physics portable programming robust shader simulation software-development source tools vector win32 windows
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ClanLib is a cross platform C++ toolkit library. Essentially the library offers a series of different functionality under a streamlined API. Its primary focus is on games, although not limited for that usage only.
SVG - Salamander SVG Renderer & Animator
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Tags: java game 2d vector engine toolkit library graphics tools
SVG renderer and animator. Originally built to be a HUD for Java3D, it provides an easy and light way to read and display SVG content in Java programs. Built for video games, programmer has full access to scene graph. Design menus in vector art program and render in Java.
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I am proposing an open-source library for producing real-time dynamic 2d and 3d character animations on-the-fly via physical simulation and driven by customizable high-level controllers, for use in games and other interactive simulations. This would be designed to complement already existing physics engines (such as ODE or Bullet) and skeletal character animation libraries (such as CAL3D or those found in open-source game engines OGRE or Irrlicht). The library is to be called Robust Extensible A...