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jMonkeyEngine provides a high performance, scenegraph based rendering and physics system.
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Python-Ogre is a high-performance, full-featured Python interface to the Ogre3D graphics library.

Python-Ogre currently supports all the functionality of Ogre 1.4, as well as wrappers for over 30 individual libraries:
* Bullet, NxOgre (PhysX), ODE, and Newton physics
* 4 GUIs, I/O, sound, and a lot more!

This project is the successor of the original PyOgre project, created by Lakin Wecker in mid-2006. Much development is done on the Windows platform, howev...

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Ardor3D is a Java based 3D engine, forked from jME with the goal of making a more professionally oriented engine with a community based on accepted open source principles.
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The mission of the FIFE project is to create a cross platform game creation framework. Exact engine feature list changes over time, but the following lists the main guidelines for development
* Games can be created with combination of engine, editor tools, game specific scripts and game content.
* Framework is not tied to any type of game (e.g. RTS, RPG), but instead provides flexible platform for all of them.
* Framework supports different isometric vie...
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Orx is a portable, easy to use, data-driven, 2D-oriented game engine.
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PVLE is a lightweight cross-platform game engine (real-time visualisation/simulation engine), using OSG (OpenSceneGraph) and ODE (OpenDynamicsEngine) among other well-known libraries. It is cross-platform and written in C++. It differs from other engines in the way it uses existing code instead of re-inventing things, and because it does not hide underlaying libraries.