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MODx is an open source PHP Application Framework that helps you take control of your online content. It empowers developers and advanced users to give as much control as desired to whomever they desire for day-to-day website content maintenance chores.
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Tags: framework web php cms system mysql php5 management content modular linux development
TangoCMS is a free and Open Source PHP Content Management System (CMS). Its ease of use and powerful feature set allows you to quickly and easily create and manage an entire website.
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Tags: html php cms system management content site web framework website fusion
The Fusion Website Framework is designed to allow websites to be developed easily and simply using a framework with additional modules added on. Initially written in PHP, it will be extended to different languages later.
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Tags: cms ojai simple system management content framework web php
OjaiCMS is the best way for small communities and organizations to display their content on the web. With an easy to use page creator, image editor and all the other needed tools, OjaiCMS allows literally anyone to create and maintain their own website with a layout they personally create.

Unlike most CMS's, OjaiCMS is very easy to create templates for. There are no need to learn Smarty, or other templating engine. Simply use a few lines of very simple php, and everything works like a char...

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Tags: framework oop mvc system management content mysql php cms
Soon to be released... Stay tuned.
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Tags: javascript css html ajax mysql php website framework system managment content cms
this is a content management system that we wish to have a a variety of features that help webmasters to have flexibility and freedom in managing their websites.

the project is now in its first step ( planning )

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Tags: webdesigner webmaster tool system manegement content framework mysql php apache cube xoops
This project group most useful tools for XOOPS Cube webmasters and webdesigners. From a portable AMP compilation for windows to the end manifesto file creation.
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Current StatusThere are currently NO templates built. I'll be building this with raw pages that re mated to the work I am doing with http://code.google.com/p/starterkit/. You can incorporate the two as you need to.

Thanks, Dave

Blue Channel Features:Page Create Multiple Page Types Blue Channel VersionsBlueprint CSS version 0.7 jQuery version 1.2.1 Django Trunk Blue Channel Dependencies

NameDescriptionUrl TaggingTagging for objectshttp://code.google.com/p/django-tagging/ Votin...

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Tags: generator form ecommerce cart framework php controller view model mvc system management content cms
Note: We are still in the early alpha stage of development. Better documentation will become available in the wiki when we switch over to beta.

BytePattern is an extensible framework based on a loose MVC architecture where the model is not enforced. Its core design feature is to be an extremely thin layer around PHP to minimize the learning curve and execution speed reduction while enforcing a solid structure that adheres to today's expectations in web design patterns and covering the mun...

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Tags: mysql php ajax jquery framework zend system management content cms
Digitalus CMS is a new kind of CMS. The focus of this open source project is usable software as opposed to endless lists of features. We added a very flexible API to this base so you can customize virtually any aspect of the system. This creates a simple and elegant platform that you can use for a wide range of sites and requirements.

"The administration interface is jaw-droppingly simple and this is encouraging when considering the varying amounts of knowledge that a client might or m...

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Tags: system management content cms mvc motion video framework symfony php diveoz
Diveo'z is a Content Management System (CMS) for video content. He is written in PHP5 with last stable Symfony Framework version.