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ajax blog blueprintcss cms css django fusion html javascript jquery management managment mysql php site web webapplication
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Tags: framework jquery blueprintcss blog website webapplication cms system management content django
Current StatusThere are currently NO templates built. I'll be building this with raw pages that re mated to the work I am doing with http://code.google.com/p/starterkit/. You can incorporate the two as you need to.

Thanks, Dave

Blue Channel Features:Page Create Multiple Page Types Blue Channel VersionsBlueprint CSS version 0.7 jQuery version 1.2.1 Django Trunk Blue Channel Dependencies

NameDescriptionUrl TaggingTagging for objectshttp://code.google.com/p/django-tagging/ Votin...

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Tags: html php cms system management content site web framework website fusion
The Fusion Website Framework is designed to allow websites to be developed easily and simply using a framework with additional modules added on. Initially written in PHP, it will be extended to different languages later.
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Tags: javascript css html ajax mysql php website framework system managment content cms
this is a content management system that we wish to have a a variety of features that help webmasters to have flexibility and freedom in managing their websites.

the project is now in its first step ( planning )