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Apache ActiveMQ
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Apache ActiveMQ is a fast Message Bus which supports many Cross Language Clients and Protocols and many advanced features while fully supporting JMS 1.1 and J2EE 1.4.
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Harness the spare computing cycles of idle machines to further scientific discovery.
Apache Hadoop
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Hadoop is a framework for running applications on large clusters of commodity hardware. The Hadoop framework transparently provides applications both reliability and data motion. Hadoop implements a computational paradigm named map/reduce, where the application is divided into many small fragments of work, each of which may be executed or reexecuted on any node in the cluster. In addition, it provides a distributed file system that stores data on the compute nodes, providing very high aggregate ...
Apache Camel
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Apache Camel is a powerful rule based integration framework which provides a POJO based implementation of the Enterprise Integration Patterns using an extremely powerful fluent API (or declarative Java Domain Specific Language) to configure routing and mediation rules. The Domain Specific Language means that Apache Camel can support type-safe smart completion of routing rules in your IDE using regular Java code without huge amounts of XML configuration files; though Xml Configuration inside Spr...
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Terracotta provides clustering for Java applications. Features include:

- High level replication
- Cross JVM coordination
- Large virtual heaps
- Fine-grained changes
- Runtime management and control
- No serialization

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NServiceBus is a powerful, yet lightweight, open source messaging framework for designing distributed .NET enterprise systems.
Entirely pluggable yet simple to use, NServiceBus gives programmers a head-start on developing robust, scalable,
and maintainable service-layers and long-running business processes.
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Fura is a self-contained grid middleware that allows the grid enablement and distribution of applications on heterogeneous computational resources. Fura features a web-based GUI, wizard-guided installation and configuration, and Web Services compliance. Fura's component based plug-in architecture allows grid services to be extended or replaced, and new services can be developed reusing existing components.
JBoss Cache
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JBoss Cache is a product designed to cache frequently accessed Java objects in order to dramatically improve the performance of applications. By eliminating unnecessary database access, JBoss Cache decreases network traffic and increases the scalability of applications.

In addition, JBoss Cache is a clustering library allowing you to transparently share objects across JVMs across a cluster.

JBoss Cache provides three APIs to suit your needs. The Core API offers a tree-structured node...

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Ganglia is a scalable distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems such as clusters and grids. It is based on a hierarchical design targeted at federations of clusters. Ganglia is currently in use on over 500 clusters around the world and has scaled to handle clusters with 2000 nodes.
Instrument Element
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The Instrument Element is a Cloud/Grid component that provides the computational/data Infrastructure with an abstraction of real instruments, and Users with a more interactive interface to control them. In other words this component provides an access to existing devices using a Service Oriented Architecture and it allows an easy orchestration of devices using a mesh-up approach.
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PM2 is a low level generic runtime system which integrates multithreading management (Marcel) and a high performance multi-cluster communication library (Madeleine).
Inferno Distributed Operating System
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Inferno® is a distributed operating system, originally developed at Bell Labs, but now developed and maintained by Vita Nuova® as Free Software. Applications written in Inferno's concurrent programming language, Limbo, are compiled to its portable virtual machine code (Dis), to run anywhere on a network in the portable environment that Inferno provides. Unusually, that environment looks and acts like a complete operating system.

The use of a high-level language and virtual machine is sensi...

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ProActive is the Java GRID middleware library (with Open Source code under GPL license) for parallel, distributed and multi-threaded computing. ProActive is the GRID Application Server for the Enterprise.

With a reduced set of simple primitives, ProActive provides a comprehensive API to simplify the programming of Grid Computing applications: distributed on Local Area Network (LAN), on clusters of workstations, or on Internet GRIDs.

ProActive is only made of standard Java class...

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Tags: control .net sourcegrid grid
SourceGrid is a .NET Windows Forms grid control written entirely in C# with managed code. SourceGrid can be used to visualize or to change data in a table format.
SourceGrid con be used bound to a data source (typically a DataView) or creating each cell directly.
SourceGrid use only managed code (without API or Interop) and can be used with any .NET 2 compatible environments.
Elastic Grid
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The Elastic Grid is an infrastructure for the dynamic deployment, activation, management of Java applications on virtualized hardware, initially focusing on Amazon EC2.
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Enomalism is an open source web-based virtual infrastructure platform. Designed to answer the complexity of managing globally disperse virtual server environments. Enomalism helps to automate the transition to a virtualized environment by reducing an IT organizations overall workload. The easy to use dashboard can help with issues including deployment planning, load balancing, automatic VM migration, configuration management, and capacity diagnosis.

Enomalism virtual infrastructure is a dy...

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Vaadin is a web application framework for Rich Internet Applications (RIA). In contrast to Javascript libraries and browser-plugin based solutions it features a server-side architecture, which means that the majority of the logic runs on the servers. Ajax technology is used at the browser-side to ensure a rich and interactive user experience.

Vaadin is a big collection of UI components. There are server-side components like Button, Table, Tree that you use to compose the application user ...

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Alchemi is a .NET grid computing framework that allows you to painlessly aggregate the computing power of intranet and Internet-connected machines into a virtual supercomputer (computational grid) and to develop applications to run on the grid.
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MassTransit is a lean service bus implementation for .NET, enabling distributed applications with minimal invasion of infrastructure into the application services.
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Clustered Remoting For Spring Framework(Cluster4Spring) is open source project that represents alternative implementation of Spring framework remoting subsystem and supports different schemes of remote communication between client and server (1-1, 1-many, dynamic services discovering).

The major features of Cluster4Spring library are:

* Support of one-to-one scheme of remoting;
* Support of one-to-many scheme of remoting, which assumes that one client selects remote ser...