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Apache Hadoop
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Hadoop is a framework for running applications on large clusters of commodity hardware. The Hadoop framework transparently provides applications both reliability and data motion. Hadoop implements a computational paradigm named map/reduce, where the application is divided into many small fragments of work, each of which may be executed or reexecuted on any node in the cluster. In addition, it provides a distributed file system that stores data on the compute nodes, providing very high aggregate ...
Apache Camel
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Apache Camel is a powerful rule based integration framework which provides a POJO based implementation of the Enterprise Integration Patterns using an extremely powerful fluent API (or declarative Java Domain Specific Language) to configure routing and mediation rules. The Domain Specific Language means that Apache Camel can support type-safe smart completion of routing rules in your IDE using regular Java code without huge amounts of XML configuration files; though Xml Configuration inside Spr...
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Terracotta provides clustering for Java applications. Features include:

- High level replication
- Cross JVM coordination
- Large virtual heaps
- Fine-grained changes
- Runtime management and control
- No serialization

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Fura is a self-contained grid middleware that allows the grid enablement and distribution of applications on heterogeneous computational resources. Fura features a web-based GUI, wizard-guided installation and configuration, and Web Services compliance. Fura's component based plug-in architecture allows grid services to be extended or replaced, and new services can be developed reusing existing components.
JBoss Cache
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JBoss Cache is a product designed to cache frequently accessed Java objects in order to dramatically improve the performance of applications. By eliminating unnecessary database access, JBoss Cache decreases network traffic and increases the scalability of applications.

In addition, JBoss Cache is a clustering library allowing you to transparently share objects across JVMs across a cluster.

JBoss Cache provides three APIs to suit your needs. The Core API offers a tree-structured node...

Instrument Element
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The Instrument Element is a Cloud/Grid component that provides the computational/data Infrastructure with an abstraction of real instruments, and Users with a more interactive interface to control them. In other words this component provides an access to existing devices using a Service Oriented Architecture and it allows an easy orchestration of devices using a mesh-up approach.
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ProActive is the Java GRID middleware library (with Open Source code under GPL license) for parallel, distributed and multi-threaded computing. ProActive is the GRID Application Server for the Enterprise.

With a reduced set of simple primitives, ProActive provides a comprehensive API to simplify the programming of Grid Computing applications: distributed on Local Area Network (LAN), on clusters of workstations, or on Internet GRIDs.

ProActive is only made of standard Java class...

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Vaadin is a web application framework for Rich Internet Applications (RIA). In contrast to Javascript libraries and browser-plugin based solutions it features a server-side architecture, which means that the majority of the logic runs on the servers. Ajax technology is used at the browser-side to ensure a rich and interactive user experience.

Vaadin is a big collection of UI components. There are server-side components like Button, Table, Tree that you use to compose the application user ...

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Clustered Remoting For Spring Framework(Cluster4Spring) is open source project that represents alternative implementation of Spring framework remoting subsystem and supports different schemes of remote communication between client and server (1-1, 1-many, dynamic services discovering).

The major features of Cluster4Spring library are:

* Support of one-to-one scheme of remoting;
* Support of one-to-many scheme of remoting, which assumes that one client selects remote ser...

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An RMI framwork for collaboration between applications. It allows spontaneous interconnection, and also provides for the transmission of graphical user interfaces. It is freely licensed under the GNU LGPL.
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g-Eclipse is a framework that allows users and developers to access Computing Grids and Cloud Computing resources in a unified way.

The framework itself is independent from a certain Grid middleware or Cloud Computing provider. The g-Eclipse project maintains a set of connectors to Grid middlewares and provides an adapter to the Amazon webservices EC2 and S3.

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SmartFrog is a distributed deployment system. It allows developers, architects and operations teams to describe the deployment of different parts ("components") of a server-side configuration, then take this description and deploy it across multiple servers. Every host runs a small SmartFrog daemon which can deploy and manage part of the overall distributed system.

Deployed components (and systems built from them) can be started, stopped and "pinged" for health...some components can apply ...

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Tags: java imaging jai imagej grid
Mistral is a high-level imaging engine for the Java� Standard Edition platform (J2SE). It has been designed as an abstraction layer over the real imaging engine, that can be freely choosen among one of the most popular around (e.g. JAI, ImageJ), thus allowing the programmer to focus on the algorithm, without wasting time on implementation details - a sort of extension of the WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) concept. Mistral goes even further, by providing a simple-but-effective ImagingProcessor w...
Globus Toolkit
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The Globus Toolkit is an open source software toolkit used for building Grid systems and applications.
NextGRID Adaptive workflow API
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One of the main outputs of EU funded project NextGRID, the Adaptive API is a core library for the programmatic and declarative definition/execution/monitoring of workflows involving grid services.
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Tags: eclipse java mdsd simulation grid
IntroductionGridMe is an interactive development environment (IDE) for simulating behavior of complex distributed computing systems or Grids. GridMe is implemented in Java as a set of plugins for the Eclipse platform. The system can simulate various entities: brokers, users, task flows, clusters, nodes, data servers, network connections, etc.

In compare with the existing Grid simulation frameworks, such as GridSim, Bricks, SimGrid, OptorSim, etc. GridMe employs a model-driven (MDA) appro...

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Infinispan is an open source, Java based data grid platform. Infinispan is a high performance, distributed and highly concurrent data structure. JTA transactions, eviction, and passivation/overflow to disk are also supported.
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The project Mandala helps the development of concurrent and/or distributed applications. It is based on the asynchronous reference concept which provide asynchronous and potentially remote method invocation.
MARF:Modular Audio Recognition Framework
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MARF is an open-source research platform and a collection of voice/sound/speech/text and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms written in Java and arranged into a modular and extensible framework facilitating addition of new algorithms. MARF can run distributedly over the network and may act as a library in applications or be used as a source for learning and extension.
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Tags: python java grid
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