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Mono provides the necessary software to develop and run .NET client and server applications on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix. Sponsored by Novell (http://www.novell.com), the Mono open source project has an active and enthusiastic contributing community and is positioned to become the leading choice for development of Linux applications.
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Eclox is a simple doxygen frontend plug-in for eclipse. It aims to provide a slim and sleek integration of the code documentation process into eclipse by providing a high-level graphical user interface over doxygen.
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Jeto is a project to create a portable, innovative application platform based on the ECMA Common Language Infrastructure (ECMA-335) standard. It provides an application foundation library (called Emotion) with advanced support for audio/video playback and capture, vector graphics, hardware querying and access, dealing with measurements, networking, application preferences, and more.

Jeto is also intended to be layered on top of other operating system kernels to form Jeto distributions. We ...

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Overview.NET Assemblies that integrate and expands on various advanced solutions for DataBinding, Reflection, UI Wrapping and more. Fuel your .NET applications with RAD techniques and ready-to-use code that picks up where the .NET framework left off.

DevFuel.Core.dll FeaturesGeneric Tuple class for use in Collections "Lookup" Properties system. I.e. A DataRow uses its foreign key relationship to determine what values a field can have (in a PropertyGrid) Support for sorting and filtering c...

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DrC# (DrCSharp) is an integrated C# development environment that supports interactive evaluation of expressions.
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Lightweight framework for heavy lifting

With Evolutility, you can build database CRUD web applications for ASP.net and SQL Server simply by describing their metadata (UI and DB mapping)... without any hand coding necessary.


MapGuide Maestro
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Tags: gui .net c# studio spatial mapguide
Previously known as MapStudio Open Source, MapGuide Maestro provides an open source GUI editor for managing MapGuide Open Source data sources, layers, maps, and layouts. It also includes a tile seeder.
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Tags: gui tail c#
There are a ton of GUI's for 'tail -f' functionality on Windows, but most are bare-bones affairs. This is a more feature-complete, hopefully easy to use, tail GUI.

Some of the features available include: the ability to stop a tail, ability to stop the automatic scrolling when new content arrives, and highlighting lines of content based on regular expressions with configurable colors.

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System.Console.Forms is a extension to .NET framework to “port” as much as possible of System.Windows.Forms to a Console environment.

IntroductionSystem.Console.Forms allows for easy creation of complex console user interfaces (CUIs) in a very similar way to a Windows.Forms environment. Applications starts with Application.Run(), Forms are created inheriting from Console.Forms.Form and layout is done by InitializeComponent().

As you can see, it currently lacks some visual ...

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IronAHK is a rewrite of AutoHotkey for .NET and Mono to provide cross-platform compatibility, increased performance and smaller binary file sizes for compiled scripts.

What is AutoHotkeyahk is scripting language specialised for hotkeys and automation on the desktop. The default API provides functionality for editing files, automating windows form entries, adding keyboard and mouse hooks, gathering user input and presenting with GUIs, and regular expressions.

The syntax is similar t...

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Tags: gui mogre c#
Miyagi (Miyagi Is Yet Another Graphical user Interface) is a library for creating GUIs in Mogre (a .Net wrapper for Ogre) written in C#.
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Tags: windows cs c# gui telnet nethack
Windows interface to http://alt.org/nethack/
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This project will host the source code to port Paint.NET from Windows in .NET to Unix using Mono. This is not an official port, it is being done by members of the open source community.

See the PortingStrategy document for more information on building, hacking and contributing to this effort.

Important: you currently need Mono from SVN and MonoDevelop from SVN to build Paint.NET

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A very simple IronPython application. IronPython is an implementation of Python for the dotnet platform.

The Tabbed Image Viewer can view multiple images, in tabpages, and save images in different formats. It can copy images to the clipboard, and paste images from the clipboard into a new tab. It also supports drag and drop and has a clipboard viewer (will auto-paste images from the clipboard into a new tab - useful for screenshots). All in 500 lines of IronPython code.

Created as ...

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Adds some addition functionalities to Sun's VirtualBox.
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If you're interested in using the structured 2D graphics toolkit Piccolo2D, see the Piccolo2D Homepage. This page here is about the development of the toolkit itself.

Welcome to Piccolo2D!A revolutionary way to create robust, full-featured graphical applications in Java and C#, with striking visual effects such as zooming, animation and multiple representations.

Piccolo2D is a toolkit that supports the development of 2D structured graphics programs, in general, and Zoomable User In...

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AboutVanilla.NET is a cross-platform graphical user interface toolkit, application framework and desktop environment based on Cairo and the .NET framework. It is written primarily in Boo, however code contributions will be accepted in other languages (e.g. C#). Vanilla.NET is still in development and not yet ready for production use.

GoalAlternative desktop environment for Unix, Mac and Windows systems Simplicity Usability Eyecandy Solid cross-platform API for standalone application devel...

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DescriptionAvrdude GUI is graphical interface for program avrdude, which is used for programming microcontrolers. It is written using .net 2.0 framework, and only works under Windows. Currently only supports USBASP programmer, but beta version now support other programmers too. All downloads include latest avrdude, compiled for Windows, but you could also use program with conjuction with WIANVR. Just delete avrdude.exe, from folder where you extracted archive.

Features: Fuse calculator WI...

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Warp Personal Backup (Warp) is a .Net gui for the Dirvish backup system which focuses on making an easy to use backup system for desktop users.
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For use by the college administration, or the person responsible for setting the schedule of classes for a college or university. The key issues are to find conflicts in the schedule, display a schedule for a classroom or for a professor. Also it is necessary to produce reports based on a schedule. One of the newer difficulties in scheduling is the overlapping semesters. Colleges are starting classes in staggered semesters of varying lengths to meet the demands of the enrolling students. Fi...