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phpMyAdmin is a tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. Currently it can create and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields.
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MyFaces is the first free implementation of Suns new JavaServer (tm) Faces (aka JSF). See http://java.sun.com/j2ee/javaserverfaces for more information.
Tacos - Tapestry Components
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The Tacos library project provides components and ajax behaviour for the Tapestry Java Web application framework. Most of the functionality is based on the dojo Javascript library. The intent is to provide a library of high quality components that may be used in your tapestry application, as well as provide a core infrastructure for using ajax related logic in these and your own components and pages.
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[fleXive] is a Java EE 5 open-source (LGPL) framework for the development of complex and evolving (web-)applications. It speeds up development by easing many tedious and repetitive programming tasks.

[fleXive] concentrates on enterprise-scale content modeling, storage and retrieval, and includes comprehensive JSF support for displaying and manipulating these contents in (web) applications. The runtime environment can be included in existing Java EE applications, but you can also build new ...

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Support unattended installation of several Linux and Windows. Also a collection of scripts for inventory, deinstallation and other add-ons like dhcp-ldap, php-ssh, samhain, syslog-ng, switch managment, ldap browser. All written in bash and php.
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Vexi is a platform for creating and publishing Graphical User Interfaces that can be used over the Internet or an intranet. It features a very simple and powerful syntax based on XML and JavaScript, a set of complete, extensible, themable widgets, and a sandbox-like security model to protect users.
The Coolest DHTML Calendar
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The Coolest DHTML Calendar is a DHTML calendar widget that works with IE >= 5.0, Mozilla, Netscape >= 6, all other Gecko-based browsers, Opera 7, Konqueror, and Safari. It comes with eight color themes, and doesn't use frames or external windows, but uses Web standards and is lightning fast. Keyboard navigation is allowed, and it can optionally show a time selector.
BlackRay Remora
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The Remora project is a web-based frontend for the BlackRay Data Engine. It can be used to query data, gather metadata and view statistics.
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Lightweight framework for heavy lifting

With Evolutility, you can build database CRUD web applications for ASP.net and SQL Server simply by describing their metadata (UI and DB mapping)... without any hand coding necessary.


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Un framework en PHP escrito en espaƱol.
A PHP framework in spanish.