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Andorra 2D
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Andorra 2D is the new generation 2D Engine for Delphi and Lazarus. Through multiple plugins Andorra 2D gives the possibility of using DirectX or OpenGL. There are a lot of tools and demos available.
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Free software Game Development toolkit made with VB6 and FreeBASIC by a Filipino Game Programmer, suitable for teaching 2D game programming.
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liburlhash.js Requres: lib.js, liblock.js, ext/object.js
Cross-browser library which allow to you easy set\get url hash and notify you about hash changing (browser back\forward buttons and direct user input)
See Demo

libcopy.js Requres: lib.js, ext/array.js, ext/object.js
Library to support the idiom of self objects, declares universal function objCopy=_c(obj,deep=-1), which perform deep copying of obj.
Parameter deep can be natur...

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Tags: engine networking modular opengl gui
Modular Engine (Working Title)Modular engine will not be the final title of this project because it is more of a descriptor than anything. Modular Engine is something that rather follows a title like Chester: A Modular Application Engine.

What is Modular Engine?Modular Engine is a project I started to ease the building of other projects. Instead of rewriting a lot of code or using libraries that probably don't fit the aims of my project and are hard to incorporate, I started this.

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Portable 2D/3D game engine which utilizes OpenGL and GLFW.

Currently runs on Windows and Unix based systems

Status: In Development

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuyQG7GFt0A



Feature Implemented Awaiting or in development Input Texturing - Basic texturing implemented GUI - In Development Physics - Initial Planning



Jonathan 'Bladezor' Bastnagel Lead Programmer, Project Lead Josh...

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IntroductionV4P - Vectors For Pocket - is a minimalistic layered polygons scan-conversion engine. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scanline_rendering if you don't understand what it deals with.

V4P consists in a ridiculously short piece of C code. V4P main engine weights ~1000 instructions.

V4P targets very light platforms without advanced graphic processing hardware resources.

V4P may be easily embedded in any GUI or Game development library or application.

V4P has ...

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zetQuery is a project for building an ajax rich interface for the Zettair Search Engine, using jQuery. Perl scripts cement the JavaScript Web interface with the Zettair application (C binary file).
CoolEngine - Another XNA game engine
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Tags: bdownload gui ironpython engine game
An XNA game engine implemented in C# and IronPython.
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Bogy's 2d game engine1.Bogy's 2d api (B2API)2.Bogy's helper (BHER)3.Bogy's Resource Manager (BRM)4.Bogy's Animoation (BANI)5.Bogy's GUI (BGUI)
Buttermilk Game / GUI Engine
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Tags: 2-5d gui engine xna .net
Buttermilk is a *DISCONTINUED* 2D XNA game / GUI engine that was being built for the game "Rogue Bishop". It's a very easy-to-use 2D game engine which tranparently supports 3D objects in the 2D scene graph. It currently includes a dynamically-skinned GUI system. The GUI system is completely separated from the 2D game engine in its own project module, and can be used in any XNA application, 2D or 3D.
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Tags: 3d games engine gui directx
Simple GUI framework, D3 engine with additional functionality. Packing and XML parsing tools
DEngine - C# XNA 2D Game Engine
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Tags: pathfinding system ants engine 2d gui editor level xna
A 2D game engine written in C# and XNA. Features animated sprite capability and physics simulation by FarseerPhysics. Includes a level editor, a GUI controls library and a sample RTS game, Factions. Contains A* pathfinding for unit movement and an ants system for AI navigation.
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Tags: gui engine gaia textbased mmo rpg
Since 13 I have been writing down notes on an rpg game engine. I recently found out I have limited time left and have thus decided to publish any and all information available on the engine in hopes that someone will notice and see the huge potential and indesputably unique aspects of the engine.

For the most part this will be notes, however there have been several working models of the game both a simplified pen and paper edition and a couple of much more complex pc game editions.